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*Channel One w/ Hanson*

The set at Channel One News was abuzz. "Are they here yet?" everyone whispered to each other. Channel One employees in the know brought their kids to line the halls. When the moment finally arrived, it spread like wildfire from one person to the next, "Hanson has arrived!" The musical phenomenon Hanson had arrived at Channel One News to guest-anchor the April 6 show, hot on the heels of performing (and winning Best Song and Best Group) at Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards the day before. The musical talents that created the album "Middle of Nowhere" didn't make their entrance in limos or to throngs of screaming fans. The Hanson family, including their mother and the youngest Hanson, Zoe, who is a mere two-and-a-half-months old, all arrived via car caravan from an all-day photo shoot for TV Guide. Younger Hansons, blond-haired mischief-makers, tumbled around the Channel One set, making things seem like home for their more famous siblings, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. For an instant, the situation was confusing, unil Taylor poked fun at his younger sister: "This is Jessica and I'm Taylor, although sometimes Jessica is mistaken for a girl." The easy-going sense of humor of these guys was refreshing -- considering the amount of hype that surrounds this band, they seemed to be relaxed, jovial, and eager to give Channel One News viewers some of their time in an otherwise hectic schedule. Zac, the youngest Hanson at 12, insisted on being called "Bob" throughout the shoot and joked around with Lisa Ling between each take. The three brothers were never far from one another, displaying an easy comraderie that didn't keep them from being individuals. Isaac, the oldest at 17, was the quietest of the three, letting Taylor, be the take-charge man of the group. Zac is clearly the family cut-up, a little shy, but with a disarming sense of humor, for soon everyone on the set was calling him Bob. Despite the fact that publicists and makeup people buzzed around them, tugging at their shirts, dabbing the necessary TV makeup on their noes, they maintained their cool and seemed as normal as the kind of life they lead allows them to be. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the family Hanson almost always travels together. They all play their own instruments and write the majority of their songs. "Middle of Nowhere," with their breakout hit, "MMMBop," is just the beginning for this band, which plans on releasing a new album May 12 titled "Three Car Garage." A big national tour may not be far behind. In the meantime, the trio continues to work together to make things happen.

- Online story produced by Peggy Li