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*Hanson Access All*

T: all right now that weíve sung boodox Letís do it!

Some man: How do you feel being nominated for MTVís Europe Music award for not one but two categories.

I: Well l mean itís incredible I mean to be nominated for anything at all is an honor really.

T: Yeah one nomination is pretty cool. So two is really..I mean we just have to prepare a speech just in case we win but thatí know weíre just hoping! (Crosses his fingers)

I: The problem is weíve got a lot of competition so you know weíre kinda like..

T: Itís kinda hard to compare to the Spice girls (no way you guys are far more talented) No Doubt stuff like that..but nominated is cool enough.

I: Well weíve been doing a press conference and tomorrow weíre going to the (Taylor joins in and they kind of bob their heads up and down in the exact same way) MTV Europe Music Awards.

(Cuts to Zac and the guys singing Man from Mil)

I: Hope fully we will get to met people that we havenít met before and that will be...

T: Very interesting.

(Cuts to Zac -íIN COLORí)

T: Itís an honor to be invited, an honor to be there. Well you know itís fun to be in that environment...itís really cool.

I: Yeah you know hanging out with all the other people you know (Starts going off to dreamland).....íHey IKEí and meet them and you know... (Zac jumps up and waves to some people)and Zacís waving to people (screams) Thereís some people outside. ((um....okay.))

T: It is cool to meet fans because you rarely actually get to stop and say HI and meet people so itís fun..itís fun to actually get to talk to fans and see how excited they get when you take a picture or you get to sign autographs and things like that

(cuts to an little girl whoís holding a picture of them.)

I: Well you know I think itís really all about the fans..Itís all about the fact that you know that they buy the records.. I mean there are fans out there...wave to them..

Z: If you donít have the fans you donít sell the record and that means youíre not popular and that means you donít get to make more records and then perform for more people. AAAAAAARGH!!!!

I: Yeah if we win I think we will be like that yeah haha ah.. um..

T: We really..I mean that would be the first award weíve won but you know weíre just gonna have fun being there and the whole environment.

Z: Being nominated is very cool.

T: Weíll see you tomorrow at the emaís the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS.


Z: Keep it real folks!