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*Hanson on the Net*

How many letters do you get a week cause I know you get lots of stuff?

I: UM..

T: That's a good question.

I: A week.. a pretty large number yeah. We get a lot of letters everyday. It's really very cool that people will write to you that much.

T: I guess it's nice to know that all your fans are literate. (laughs)

D: Yeah some of them were weird pictures. But the majority of them were pretty cool. So do you look at them or do you have someone in an office to look at them for you?

I: There's so many letters that we really can't read them all but we really do try to read as many as we can-when we get the time to. We go through them. We actually have a fan club magazine called MOE. It's the fanclub which you know you can join. Actually you can visit our website to find that out. But anyway we answer letters and questions like that in the magazine.

T: Yeah but the thing is you love to look at letters it's really cool to get to read people's letters and kinda find out what the fan's are thinking but definitely it's hard to read everyone.

D: I'm glad you said that cause I've got a sackload for you to take home with you.

T: OK!!!!

D: Right let's get down to some questions.

T: Roll up your sleeves.

D:The big show at Wembley. You've arrived in Britain to do the show which is gripped in World Cup fever.

T: Oh absolutely.

D: Do you follow soccer and how do you think America is going to do against Germany?

I&T: Ooh .

I: Well Germany is a really solid team. But the US has actually improved quite a bit in the last year or so.

T: Improved since the last World Cup but a .. I don't know it's amazing how devoted everyone is we will see what happens but I would not bet on winning. It's hard to say.

D: What about America against Iran? Boy that's going to be an interesting match.

I: Yeah I don't know we haven't really kept up as much with soccer because soccer is not as present in the US as it's in Europe.

D: It will be.

T: Oh yeah.

I: I'm sure it will actually cause it's really certain to a get a big following.

T: Well isn't it the biggest sport in the World?

D: So you need to embrace it. This is why we have bought you Hanson Radio One soccer balls, which I'd like to present you.

T: Yeah.. Ah awesome!

D: If you pull the tab out something will happen if you hold it right next to the microphone. (Pulls it out. You hear 'OLE OLE OLE OLE') And you can bug the he** out of everyone with one of those. These are singing balls on radio one. The only trouble is they are quite hard to turn off. So uh..

T: I like that. That's nice… Very annoying.

D: You could work it into a song.

T: It's perfect for libraries.

D: Yeah people are trying to study you just get your ball out. Hey we got Hanson new toys.

T: Man you started something. This is a baaaaaad thing.

I: The problem is that they just keep making noise now matter what you do.

D: You can't turn it off.

Z: Uh, no actually you can turn it off you stick the tab back in.

D: Uh.. He's clever he worked that out cause I lost my tab.

T: I think you are supposed to shake it.

D: You are. It's a new game on Radio One. Nicola was our winner yesterday she's going to be in front row of your gig at Wembley. She's 16. Are you going to wave at her?

I: I think so.

T: We always wave.

Z: If we can find her.

T: We'll look for her then.

I: You could stand on and stage and you know signal like aircraft guy.

T: We need to think of some sign language signals… you know like 'I can't find you'.

(Play Thinking of You)

D: We're with Hanson with more questions.

T: Hellllooo.

D: Hello guys they've been checking out the music most wanted today the songs people have voted for.

I: Yeah

D: So we've got loads of people on the phone and emails. We had loads of people on the Internet. Do you go on the net much? You know on those chat services?

T: Yeah.

I: Actually we have our own website and that's got all the cool information. It's got the best..the right information.

T: Updated information.

D: The real stuff. I've heard the rumors about you guys and I wanted to go through some of them with you. OK This is stuff we found on the internet. You've got to say it's true or that's rubbish. Taylor is going to become a dad…

Z: That's rubbish.

I: Rubbish.

T: Rubbish.. Throw it in the trash.

D: Zac was killed in a bus accident in Europe.

Z: That's rubbish.

T: Well seeing as Zac's in the room right now…

D: You never know it could be..

I: Like weird phycic things. Ooooh!

D: Isaac's getting married.

Z: That's rubbish.

I: Rubbish.

T: We have a large percentage of rubbish.

D: Zac your hope for the year 2000 is to work for Burger King.

Z: That's not rubbish. (laughs)

D: Zac was abducted by aliens?

I: Hmm.. Rubbish.

T: Well he was abducted by aliens. He was just sent back to earth.

D: Ah! We were not sure about that one.

I: (Sighs) We've all been abducted by aliens at one time.

D: So Emma asks us.. Out of all the countries in the world. Which one do you like the best and why?

I: Well you gotta say England.

D: Good move.

T: England is the best.

D: Why?

Z: Cause it's England.

I: Cause they speak English..uh...

T: Cause it's a different country and they speak english.

Z: Germany and France…

D: Oh yeah You're going there tomorrow. You like the world. Nicky is on the phone. Nicky you are through to Hanson. What's your question?

T: Hi Nicky!

I: Hello Nicky.

D: Go on then what's your question?

N: If you could choose be any one else in the whole world who would be and why?

T: I would be you cause I like you so much.

N: Really?

T: I think I would be me not being me....

N: What about Zac?

Z: I would be Walker Zachary Hanson.

T: That's who you are.

I: Instead of Zachary Walker Hanson.. That  would be weird.. I don't know who I would be I would probably beeeeee..beee.

T: An animal of some kind. That would be..

I: Pretty  cool…

T: A new experience..

I: Like a bird or something to be able to fly.. What would you be?

N: I actually want to be Zac. (uh...)

I: Oooh!

T: ok. Cool.

D: Can that be arranged?

T: Well that's about as close to an animal as you can get. (*L*)

D: Thanks for calling..Why do you guys only have one gig to do here?

T: First of all the one gig.. cause we want to get back and do the next album.

Z: It's because we're only doing a short tour we need to get back and do the second album just for us. Since we did not get to do real shows we wanted to get out and do some shows.

T: The tour is about..just cause we were dying to get out and play.

D: Are you coming back to do some more?

T: Definitely. Once we get back and do the next tour we are planning to do a more extensive tour. See what happens. It's been fun so far..

D: Another caller on the line Jenny.

J: I'd like to know if the girls that you liked before you were famous treat you any differently now that you are..You know that they suddenly did want to go out with you.

I: Uh huh...

Z: What's a girl?

I: Uh Where?

T: Oh no. A little bit I mean it just depends. A lot of the good friends. Girl friends or guy friends either one... They are still good friends.

I:  I don't think all of our good friends.. Nothing has really changed with them.


D: We said let's do lunch and the caterers just did not turn up so Hanson brought along bars of chocolate.

T: No actually those were not ours. Somebody gave them to us.

I: Yeah we were out there and somebody said 'hey have some chocolate'.

D: What do you think of British Chocolate?

I: Actually British chocolate is very good.

T: You guys have really good chocolate.

D: Ok well we know that then…


Helen in Hove wanted to know if you helped around the house.. Or are you a slob like her brother?..We don't know her brother!

I: We don't know her brother so..

Z: I would probably say we are both.

I: I would say we were both cause..

Z: We're slobs.. helpers round the house.

T: Slobby…Exactly so we help but we do it kinda sloppily.

D: yeah. Just kinda of regular guys in that case. Is it true you can sing acapella, and will you do it for this show?

I: Oh sure why not!

(Sing part of "Weird")

D: WAHEY! Let's go to some phone calls now-Suzanne...

T: What's your question?

S: How did you get into recording?

T: Well we started off just being the band and then recording came afterwards. We were already recording and performing so we said 'You know what? Why don't we make a record' so ..

D: Suzanne did you get tickets to see the show or..

S: Noooo!

D: Sold out soo quickly. But they are coming back they told us.

I: Yeah we will come back!

S: Oh good.

D: Ok Suzanna thanks for calling.

Z: Yeah just don't ask us when.

D: Next caller.. Hi Rachel

R: Hi ya! What's the wackiest craziest thing that has ever happened to you?

T: Wackiest craziest thing...Well sometimes we throw food out of the window.

I: Actually yeah we did that a couple of times…(In English accent) It was a run by fruiting! (haha, i.e. that's from Mrs. Doubtfire!)

T: (imitates the sound of piece of fruit being thrown)

R: You ever had a food fight?

I: Not that I can remember I guess we could sometime. I guess it would be kinda fun.

T: We just have fights.. no just kidding.. We have brawls.

Z: It's more like club fight! BOP!

T: We  throw water a lot yeah that works so..

D: Thanks Rachel.. Thanks for calling! … Steph asks does it bother you that people say you look like girls cause you've got long hair?

Z:  Because we don't..we really don't care.

T: Well if we're girls we would have to be some of the ugliest girls I've ever seen.

D: Uh.. People at home who listen to my Sunday show will know that we have a guy called Dan who answers the phones and everyone says he looks like you guys and he's sitting behind so for the benefit of the listeners how close is Dan the phone man…

T: Well I think it's unfiar..just because he has a hair cut should not say he looks like us cause..He's very different. He has a unique look to him.. I.. I.. I don't think...

D: That's the nicest thing anyone has said about him.

T: I think he has his own style... I would'nt say.. Cause the thing is… We have like whenever there's somebody with like blonde hair  It's like 'Oh it's the fourth Hanson'. So that's kinda unfair.

D: Have you ever seen anyone go as red as he just did? Through in your life really?


Z: No..

D: (next caller) Taylor do you cringe when you hear songs recorded before your voice broke?

T: Do I cringe? No. I think it's kinda fun when you listen to old songs.

I: I didn't know your voice broke.

T: Oh yeah! (squeaks)

I: I'm broke.

T: I mean whenever you listen to older recordings you listen back and you go wow. Just cause it's old songs and you now it's old. It's funny

Z: It sounds so different. A lot of the times we'll be listening back and... Tay will sound like me, and I'll sound like…

T: Someone else… the chipmunks.

D: More from Hanson in the last couple of minutes. More questions we've got Paula from Essex has made 'No hands' and 'Shanon' out of your name. What have you got?'

T: Let's see we've never thought about that. Sometimes we say our names backwards. Like Tay is  'Yat'.. 'Caz' and ..what's Ike?

I: It's eki. (whatever floats your boat!)

D: Last question...we know you're week is the next british show..Sold out except I'd just like to say we gave tickets away for front row.


D: So what's next?

Z: Well hopefully. Like we said before we'll get to do the next album..

I: Once the tour is over we're going to get back into the studio and start recording and hopefully it will come out early next year.

T: Yes we have a lot of songs that we are very pysched about recording-we want to do that very much.

D: Come back and see us.. You're coming back to see us?

T: Absolutely.

Z: Oh definitely.

D: So look after your balls.

T: Aaaaah! (hehehe)

I: Yeah we will.

D: Thank you very much. Thank you to Hanson. YAAAAY!