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*Big Breakfast*

They've been MMMboppin their way round the planet and they've taken the charts by storm those boys from HANSON are unstoppable. We've come to the land of the clogs and tulips to track down the teenies from Tulsa to find out what's it's really like from the biggest selling littlest boy band.

M: Hi guys how are you doing?

All of them: We're doing good!

M: We're in Amsterdam. Have you had a chance to look around?

Z: Aaa..

T: Well we've only been here for a few days so we haven't seen much except for the hotel but you know we'd like to but to see it if we could..

M: I saw you earlier I thought you were brilliant.

T: Well thanks

I: Cool

M: That's the first time I've seen you. and um do you enjoy doing that..Live performing.

I: Oh no we hate it...No no we actually really love performing I mean it's great.

M:Do you actually have to study while you are out and about travelling the world?

T: well we just take our books everywhere,  we just take our books with us, in a train....(starts singing) on a bus, on a train on a plane...(he realizes he's embarrassing himself - curls up in a ball with hands over head. everyone laughs)

M:Just started writing a song right here!! It's fantastic!! Who are your musical influences?                                 

T: Um,Strongly strongly 50s and 60s rock and roll that was some of the first music that we really heard as I mean like people like Otis Redding and Chuck Berry and Aretha Franklin and you know Old r'n'b

I: Temptations

T:rock and roll music I mean that was just the first music we heard I mean now we listen to just about everything.

M: You've got some more brothers and sisters. How many more?

T: Three younger siblings (looks at Isaac)

I: yep

T: Two sisters Jessica and Avery who are 9 and 6 and then Mackie is our younger brother and he's 3.

M:  So do you ever argue when your on the road kinda thing?

T: Um.

I: Um.

T: I guess everybody argues some..

I: Yeah.

T: But generally we get along really well..

I: Yeah. we all definitely get along

T: Overall we're pretty much best friends if we weren't then we'd have a pretty hard time cause we're around each other a lot.


Z: Like right now we don't really have a point for girlfriends You know like ''m going to Germany.

Everyone: yeah.

I:Yeah if we had girlfriends or anything I bet our girlfriends would hate us.

M: You must have loads of girl fans.

T: A lot...

I: Well a lot .. of different fans I know... primarily girls cause..

M:.... cause You're gorgeous

I: Young girls..are a lot of  people who buy the records.

T: A lot of times you'd have like you're trying to get out of a venue and people jumping and grabbing your hair or something like that...grabbing your shirt or pulling..

Z:Or grabbing your neck and trying to kiss you ! Ugh!(mimicks someone pulling his neck and makes funny face)

All: Hey this is Isaac, Taylor and Zac and we're Hanson. (really?)

T: And you're watching the Big Breakfast.