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*Big- March '98' *

Concorde, swank parties and designer gear. Hanson get treated like royalty wherever they go! BIG! finds out how flash they really are....

Do you hang out with famous people every night?

I: "No, not at all. We go to about one party a month where we see other stars but we only stay for an hour. One of us always says, 'Can we go now please?' to our dad. Sometimes we go to concerts which we all prefer."

What are showbiz parties really like?

I: "Boring, cause the music's really dull and everyone's out to see who they can meet. We particularly hate cocktail parties but I suppose it depends on who's there. We went to one last night with Boyz II Men and Sheryl Crow and it wasn't too bad, but the food was really boring, all they had were little fish cakes and we just wanted chips and hot dogs."

You've earned a lot of money. How much did you spend on Zac and Taylor's birthdays?

I: "We're not into spending a lot of money on each other. The most expensive thing I ever bought was my own paintball gun. We bought three guns for us, and then three other guns for our friends so we could have our own paintball war whenever we wanted! When we go home we play all the time."

What did the others get you for your 17th birthday?

I: "Um...nothing, but I'd forgotten about that! Can you believe it! We weren't at home so no-one made a big deal about it. That sounds awful doesn't it? I think I was given a card by them but nothing else. See, we're not that flash!"

What's the best freebie you've ever been given?

I: "Um, I don't know. We get free CD's but that's about it. The best freebies are from fans cause they really think about their gifts. We try to write to people who send us stuff, but when we do write and say thank you, they send us another present. We get a million gifts."

What do they send you?

I:"Shirts, games, teddies, you name it, we've been sent it. My mom wants to build a giant barn, just to house the things we've been sent. To say thanks we're going to write a special fan club magazine which will have our own stories, pictures and cartoons."

Do you still help around the house when you're at home?

I: "Yep! Everyone thinks we have butlers and maids but that's not true! We have to do the dishes and vacuum the carpet and all that stuff. We get told off if we don't do it."

What's the worst chore?

I: "Changing diapers. We have a new baby sister called Zoe and she gets through a lot of diapers. I've changed a lot of diapers in my time, there are seven kids in our family and I've changed the diapers of the last four kids!"

Who's the coolest celeb you've ever met?

Z: "Puff Daddy. He's cool. He doesn't say much but he's real nice and he nods a lot. When I first saw him I just said 'Yo!' and he said 'Yo Zac!'I met him on Concorde between London and New York."

Do you fly on Concorde a lot?

Z:"We've been on it twice. They are awesome planes. You go so high you can actually see the curve of the earth as you go along at 2,000 miles-an-hour! The one thing that annoys me about Concorde is the windows are sooo small, you can barely see anything."

What's the most extravagant thing you've ever bought?

Z:"My paintball gun, it cost hundreds of dollars. I love using it when it's raining and cold and you have to crawl through the mud. We played against US Army guys and it was like being in the real army."

Do you get to see private screenings of films?

Z:"No way! We went to see Titanic at a cinema in New York. Did I cry? No way, I don't cry at films like that. I would cry if a cute girl was with me and I wanted to look like I was sensitive! This afternoon we saw Good Will Hunting cause the guy who directed it made our video for Weird, we feel like film stars now."

Do you ever get upset when you read bad things about yourselves? Z:"No, cause most of the time we don't read it if they're mocking us. It's cruel. A lot of people take the mickey out of us, but it doesn't matter because we enjoy what we do. Just cause someone writes a point of view doesn't make it right."

Do you buy designer clothes?

Z:"No, cause we are given them! DKNY give us stuff to wear cause then when we wear it on TV, it's like an advert."

When was your last day off?

Z:"Two days ago, but we stayed in our hotel and played video games. We're going home in another two days."

Do you pick your nose?

Z:"Yeah, who doesn't. I bet the President of the USA does too!"

Do you ever wear sunglasses inside?

Z:"Not me! But when I'm really tired I wish I could hide my eyes behind something."

Have you ever punched someone?

T:"Yes, I was sticking up for someone who was being bullied. My neighbor was being picked on by these guys once and I felt bad so I stepped in and I hit these guys. It was a pretty basic punch and it hurt my hand more than it hurt him. I feel silly saying this cause it makes me sound like a big man and I'm not."

When was the last time you lost you temper?

T:"I always want to tell people off who don't do their job right, but I never do. We're always saying we will shout at someone but we wimp out."

What one thing could you not live without?

T: "A pen to sign autographs. We get asked to sign them all the time. I reckon we've signed millions of autographs in our lives." (reckon?)

Are you ever asked to sign fans bodies?

"Yes, but it's way too weird for me. The other day this girl asked me to sign her back and I was like, "Woaaa!". But I did it although I felt really icky!"

Have you ever asked a star to sign an autograph for you?

T: "No, I'm not like that. I'm not a fan who would scream at someone and jump up and down trying to kiss them. Our fans do that all the time and although I love it, I couldn't do it."

Have you ever used your star status to jump a queue?

T:"Not intentionally. But we have been given spotted in McDonalds and given VIP treatment. They gave us our burgers first and we got to sit in this special place. Everyone was staring at us and pointing and we felt like freaks in a zoo."

What's the flashiest thing you've ever done?

T: "We bought a motorbike and I love to ride that around. I feel like I'm in some film when I'm cruising around my neighborhood