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*Hanson Bounce Back- Smash Hits*

Hanson - they've got more to bounce about then yer average pop star. To prove it, Smash Hits got 'em leaping about on trampolines, and chatting about girls, armpits, (?) and Vic and Bob. It's their springiest interview ever!

"Wooooah"..... "WAHEY!"..... "hHHMMMMMF! Look out!" Oh dear. Maybe the trampolines were a mistake. Taylor's just gone flying across the room. Zac's gone capering about alarmingly on the top of a ladder and Ike's nursing a large lump on his head. "Zac hit me with a stick." he says. "Hey man!" shouts Zac from the top of the ladder. "It wasn't on purpose!" It's Zac's turn on the trampoline so he clambers down to sighs of relief. "Go for the big air!" shouts the photographer - so Zac makes a farting noise! The Hanson boys are in the mood for a bit of larking about. They're all set for Christmas and the polls winners party. They've been feasting on Toblerones they've been kindly sent and their parents are looking cheerily on. Their mom looks just like them with long blonde hair. She's also very pregnant with a new Hanson - the seventh of the family. The three biggest Hansons finish bouncing and throw themselves onto a plush leather sofa for their interview. Taylor strums a guitar thoughtfully, (?) Zac fidgets around a bit and Isaac cheerfully stretches his arms and legs. Time for some cheeky questions...

Do you snore??

T: Everybody snores a little bit I guess. But nobody's a big snorer in this band.

Z: I've talked in my sleep once,but....

I: (Interrupting him) Zac's done it a couple of times. It's quite funny.

T: Sometimes people do a few weird things in their sleep but we never do anything really odd. Zac sometimes gets up and walks out of the room and not remember it the next day. But that's not that weird!

Have you ever been in hospital?

Z: I was born in a hospital. (rethinking) No actually I was born in our house.

T: We haven't had our tonsils out or anything. We've only been to the hospital for check ups.

T: I broke my arm when I was 12, though. I was going down a hill on my bike when I slammed on my brakes, flipped over and landed on my arm.

I: (impressed) He did three flips before he landed!

What's your favourite item of clothing?

Z: (helpfully) um..clothes!

I: Shoes!!

T: I have to go with boxer shorts. (all laugh)

Z: My blue and white biker pants. I got them in New york, They're from Diesel. I've been wearing a boiler suit too! Someone gave me it and I thought 'WHY NOT?'

T: He thought afterwards he could go on the freeway and repair a few cars. (laughs)

Did you enjoy your recent riverboat trip?

T: That must have been a rumor. It's funny the way rumors get around in the States....

Z: (excitedly) I'm dead in the States!

T:.... There's a rumor Zac is dead!

Z: Even the local radio station announced it!

That's a bit sick. Were you upset?

T: No! we just laughed at it! We thought it was really funny...

Z: (very much larger than life) If I'm dead I'm dead y'know!

I: I think these things spread on the internet. The internet is basically a giant gossip session. (Hey! :D )

When you behave badly do you get a smack?

Z: (frowning) That stuff really doesn't matter.

T: Our parents do their job.

Z: I guess we won't answer that question...

What country would you most like to go to?

T: The United States (laughs)

Z: Um. MARS!!

T: That's another world but...


T: We've been all over South East Asia, all over Europe...


T: (gently kicking Zac) Zac! I guess Africa would be a really cool place to go.

I: That'd be awesome.

T: What we've seen so far has exceeded any of our expectations. Most people don't get to see what we have in their entire lifetimes. We're lucky.

If your surname was Fotherington Smythe, is that what you would have called the band?

T: (laughing) We probably wouldn't have had that name because we're American and that's not  a very American name! But I have a feeling we would have thought of a different name in that instance.

Z: (seriously) Fortherington Smythe is a little long. I think. (Everyone laughs) 

I:(disagreeing with his bros) If that was our name who knows!  That might be kind of a cool name! Very different and odd. It'd stand out to people. (that it would!)

Z: Mmm yeah! I our name was Fotherington Smythe I think we would call the band that!

What do you think God looks like? Z: I'll pass!

T: I think that's an impossible question to answer. Nothing like us that's for sure! (well...)

I: Because the minute we say something God goes, 'I don't think so!' (mimes God throwing a thunderbolt at someone)

Would you cut your hair for $10 000?

Z: (truthfully) Hair is Hair!

I: I-if someone offered me $10 000 I'd cut my hair....but only take off a tiny bit! (all laugh) It's not like we don't cut our hair anyway. Right I'm going to cut my hair now! (pulls out one strand). Look I cut it!

Z: (getting off his chair and cutting about a millimeter off a lock) Look I've just cut my hair! Will you give me $10 000?

I: I really ripped mine out!

T: People often think that we grew our hair because of the band that it's some kind of style thing but we just decided to grow our hair one day.

I: We might decide to cut it all off in a week. It's doesn't really matter!

T and I: It's doesn't really matter! It's doesn't really matter! (???)

T: That's from those comedian guys...

Z: They're like friends...

T: Vic and Bob!! They're pretty funny and very weird! British Tv's very different but it's cool! At leaast it's in the same language!

Z: In Indonesia you're watching TV and you go 'Whoah! It's that movie (Zac's imitation of a film dubbed into Indonesian:) Hoya! Toy! Woosh! Aiiee! Aieieee! Woosh! Wonka! Toy! Wanda! Wanda! (hehehe)

What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Z: Um a light bulb?

I: (in his Butthead voice) Yeah a light bulb. It was shiny and stuff.- I think that's a really impossible question to answer. There's a lot of things to see.

T: You go to Paris and you see the Notre Dame and the River Siene. You go to the Lourve (art gallery in France where the Mona Lisa is)

Z: Yeah the Lourve! (argue a little about the pronunciation)

T: The gladd pyramid in the middle of the Lourve is pretty amazing.

I: Pretty cool!

Z: I wanna climb it! and then fall through with a parachute. Yeah,!! (responding to his brother's dissaproving looks) OK I'll be quiet!

What does success smell like?

Z: Like your armpit!

I: Yeah like YOUR armpit! No success has absolutely no smell.

Z: It's not important in our eyes. All that really matters is making music.

T: People ask you what it's like when you're successful and it's kinda like when you have a birthday it's amazing.

I: But you're still the same person you were. It's doesn't change you in the slightest. The fact that you've gotten this oppurtunity....

T: Should make you more humble..more appreciative!

What was the last nightmare you had?

I: It's not important. My dreams your dreams...they're all dreams.

Z: You dream about what you're thinking about that day!

T: A dream happens in the middle of your sleep right after you've splet. (?) It's the bit just before you're about to wake up. It only lasts about 20 minutes.

I: And as the Disney song says, (singing) 'A dream is a wish your heart makes.' ((While you're fast asleep....))

A little added extra- it was too short to have it's own page...

WHO DO THEY FANCY??? ((who do they think is hot))

They're three of the most fancied blokes on Planet Pop but who do Tay, Zac and Ike fancy? "Cindy Crawford" say the two eldest Hansons. "And how about Cameron Diaz?" adds Taylor going all wibbly. "She's cute. We're looking forward to see her in A LIFE LESS ORDINARY."

Aren't  some of you too young to get in? "NO" protests Taylor, "We watch so many R - rated movies..." Isaac meanwhile is miles away imagining a date with Cameron. He puts on a daft voice. "I'd be like, Hey Cameron! Hello!" Zac butts in loudly "I'd ask if she made Cameras or something! Is that why her name is Cameron?" Isaac still thinking about ladies. "We actually met Cindy Crawford. It was awesome. She's really really pretty.....and hot!" Taylor joins in wistfully, "Yeah she was really really nice..."