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Lisa Canning: First of all guys, congratulations on all of your phenomenal success.

Hanson: Thank you very much. Thanks.

Lisa: I want to go way back to when you guys were singing at Pizza Hut and those -

Taylor: We still sing at Pizza Hut (laughs).

Isaac: We run the karaoke machine actually.

Lisa: Taylor, I'm gonna start with you. What was people's reaction when you guys did that? What did people do?

Taylor: Working and store singing? Well...

Isaac: It wasn't quite that way actually.

Taylor: We didn't just walk in and say 'Hi, we're going to sing.' It was kinda like we'd have our meal or whatever. We would just end up singing.

Zac: We'd talk to someone and they'd be like, 'Well, why don't you sing something for us.'

Isaac: So we would end up standing up in front of the whole restaurant and singing something. You've got to be willing to get out there and do something because if you sing in your corner all day and don't do anything you're never going to have the opportunity to maybe do something more.

Taylor: I Think it's kinda like an example of just getting out there and doing it no matter what you have to do. Play and being seen wherever you can possibly be seen.

Lisa: There were a lot of people who didn't really believe in you guys way back when. Tell me what it was like shopping your music, taking it to record labels, and getting it played. Isaac, I'm going to ask you about that one.

Isaac: It's just like anybody. You get turned down by people and all that kinda thing.

Taylor: It's like any band. You just keep pushing. We went to indie records and we pushed both of them as demos and we met our manager who and he kept trying to get anyone that he possible could to listen to these guys. You know, three blond kids from Oklahoma is kind of a hard thing to market. You know? We got a lot of interest, but only some of it worked. I guess we found Mercury finally. But just like any band, you hope you get lucky. And very rarely do you.

Lisa: How frustrating was it? Where you said, 'Gee this is really hard.'

Zac: Well yeah, it's hard work. Like having a job, but instead of having a job, you're performing and you're going to places and doing stuff. It's hard work definitely.

Isaac: But at the same time it's not like we were saying, 'Ugh, man this is hard.'

Taylor: We're having fun the whole way. You're only doing it because you love it.

Isaac: And plus, we were out there and we had our fan base in our local area and things like that.

Taylor: You'd perform every week and you'd be psyched about your next concert coming up and that you sold twenty-five more records that day. And that's a great success when you sell 10 T-shirts or 15 T-shirts. So, just like any other band, we were doing anything that we could.

Lisa: When did it hit you how huge the group had gotten?

Isaac: I don't thing it really hits you and I don't think it really should because you're just the same old guy that you were before, you're just the same people that you were and it becomes your job now. It was your job before, but this time you actually can make a living at it. Instead of, you know, the joke is that musicians invented the word unemployment.

Lisa: Guys, thousands and thousands of girls are screaming your names, and are after you. You're selling thousands and thousands of T-shirts, millions of records.

Taylor: It's more like you have a role now to fulfill for all those people that like you. It's not like you're in control, you're less in control because you now have all these fans who are now waiting for the next record and the next performance. I think it's definitely just really exciting. It makes it more exciting to think that instead of going to a concert hoping that a hundred people are going to show up, to know that hopefully a lot of people are going to show up. And you're gonna get to have those fans that are going to come out and really enjoy the music.

Lisa: A little overwhelming?

Isaac: It can be overwhelming at times, but I think anything can be overwhelming at times. There are a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of craziness and a lot of good down times at the same time, so it's...

Lisa: You guys have a new album coming out next month, "3 Car Garage."

Zac: Well see, that's the one thing we've been trying to make sure doesn't get confused with a new real album. This is old releases of our second independent album re-titled "3 Car Garage."

Taylor: Yeah, it's the music. we did two independent records and this is the music from the second record. We did the artwork, and that's what it is. A lot of people would ask, 'When are we going to get to hear that?' 'cause we had talked a lot about them. They would ask, 'When can we hear it, when can we hear it?'

Isaac: Well, and we wanted to give our fans a real copy of it instead of them paying a hundred bucks for a bootleg. We wanted to give them the real, physical CD and really good quality.

Lisa: Now compared to your debut album, this is all Hanson, this is totally you guys.

Isaac: Well, yeah the debut album was all totally us, but this one is even more totally us.

Lisa: Yeah, but the songs are all written by you guys, when I say it's all totally you guys that's what I mean. Nobody else is involved with it.

Zac: There was an engineer. He pushed the record button.

Lisa: There was an engineer and the rest was all you guys. How do you feel about this one?

Taylor: You definitely take pride in anything that you do, but this is cool. Mostly, it's cool because people will get to hear original versions of songs like 'Mmmbop' and 'Thinking of You' and 'With You In Your Dreams' which are two other songs on the other album where there's the originals on here. So people will get to hear the difference in the arrangement and the high voices. Plus, we were, believe it or not- a little higher than we are now.