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*Europe Music Awards*

W:This must be an incredible buzz for you guys cause everybody is screaming and shouting at you.

T: Check it out it's awesome you know! I guess for the first time we're going to have an audience here. Pick up the vibe a little bit make it a little bit more fun.

W: Exactly These are your first European Music awards. What do you think of them so far?

I: Oh it's great I mean everybody that's here. The whole vibe, it's just awesome we're really looking froward to it!

W: So what are you guys doing here tonight?

Z: We're  presenting...

T: We're going to be presenting best video.

W: Who would you like to win??

T: argh! you know we're just presenting votes here...uh.

I: AH well er..umino oh wow er. we-

T: We're not sure who the nominees are so we'll just go for whoever....the...May the best man win.

W: Any of your favorite artists here tonight?

Z: Ummm.....

T: We ran into Aerosmith, Spice girls are across the hall, Bon Jovi is down the hall, Blackstreet is three doors down so you know a lot of people.

W: So you've been hanging out with these guys Any gossip from backstage?

T: You know that's...We're just glad to be here we're just glad to be here.

W: What about you (to Zac) Have you heard any backstage gossip?

Z: Nah!

W: Ok then! Well have a really brilliant evening and it's back in the studio in London.

Hanson won best song at the Europe Awards! Here's the acceptance speech:

Z: You love me you really love me!!!

T: Wow well guys we had some great competition I can't.....

I: believe we won!...

T: That's amazing well first of all guys we would really like to thank the Dust Brothers and Steven Loroni for producing a great track. You guys thanks so much you were great to work with.

I: Mark Green and Polygram...and of course YOU GUYS!!!

T: The FANS!!




They also won best newcomer! Here's the speech!


I: You guys rock so hard!

T: Guys! I can't belive it! We sat there and said there was some major competetition and we can't belive we've won! Thank you guys so much we'd like to thank whole family, our mom and dad for going with us through all of this , trial music group. You guys for all your hard work and your long hours and...


T: YEAH!! thank you