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*BIG! - Family Fortunes*

They claim they're the closet brothers in pop, but can Hanson really trust each other? BIG! puts them to the test.


BIG!: A girl you've liked from a distance tells you she's got a big crush on Isaac and wants you to ask him out on a date for her. What do you do?

"Um, it would depend on how cute she was! But I'd probably tell Isaac and say, "Good luck!" I think I'd be nice and pass her onto him - cause if there was no hope for me what would be the point of doing anything else?"

BIG!: A very famous producer wants to work on your next album. But when you meet him he's very rude to Zac. Do you refuse to work with him or do you grin and bear it?

"There's a lot more considerations to take in other than whether Zac has been slighted or not. It's really, really important to have the right producer for an album. The band and their music always come first cause it's all about music."

BIG!: You're due to do a big test but you haven't done enough work. Your tutor puts the answers in his bag and then leaves the room. Do you sneak a peek?

"Hmm, depends on whether it's a good day or a bad day. On a bad day I'd go for it! On a good day I'd bear with it and just do the test. Unless it was algebra and then I'd just shoot myself!"

BIG!: You're out on the town and when you see a guy  you don't like with a beautiful girl. Do you swallow your pride and go talk to the guy just to get close to the girl?

"Usually we're not in that kind of situation, but if I was, then sure I would go and talk to the girl. And if the guy starts being mean then I guess I would have problems. But you never know, cause questions like that you don't know the answer till you've been there."

BIG! You're presenting an award at a music show. You open the envelope and see that a musician you don't respect has beaten a band you totally admire. Do you change the result?

"I think I'd be really angry that the good band didn't win. It's always hard when you think someone deserves something and they don't get it. But things like that you can't really change can you? I think there would be some consequences - like prison!"



BIG!: You've been best pals with a girl since you were young. When she tells you she's got a new boyfriend you realize that you're in love with her. Do you tell her or wish her luck?

"Very difficult. Oh man! Boy! It depends on how good friends you are with the girl and whether you think she likes you. If you thought there was a little chance you'd have to go for it - especially if you thought she was really cute!"

BIG!: A famous music TV show has asked you to perform on the show. They want to advertise it as a live performance, but it won't be. Do you refuse?

"Hmm. That's a hard decision. It depends on what show it is. If it's a big show, you're busy and you want to be over there for your fans to see you, then it's important and you would say yes. And if you had some time you could say to the show, 'Wait a little bit longer and let us do it live.'"

BIG!: An acquaintance invites you to a party. When you arrive you see that there's illegal drinking going on. Do you ignore it or leave?

"I would have to leave. If it's just an acquaintance I would definitely leave. If it was a friend of mine I would try to put a stop to it."

BIG!: You're going out with a girl who's started acting weird. She leaves you alone and you spot her diary on the desk. Do you read it to find out what's going on?

"If you knew each other well and had a good relationship.... actually, no. I wouldn't read it, definitely not."

BIG!: You're in a junk shop owned by an old man when you spot a classic Fender guitar worth a fortune but on sale for only $10. Do you tell the poor old man it's true worth so he can retire, or do you snap it up?

"Oh gosh! See that's not fair! Oh man! Darn! I would probably pay the man more than he was asking for it but not what it was worth. We know someone who bought 16 of these really cool keyboards called Wurlitzers for $50 and they're worth $1,000 each! I wouldn't feel good about doing that to an old man. But I wouldn't pay him their real worth cause then it wouldn't be a good deal!"



BIG!: You're messing about in the studio when you accidentally blow a very expensive piece of equipment. Do you own up?

"You say,'Oh no!' and you run away! But sooner or later they're gonna find out, so you better just tell. I've never blown up any expensive equipment - I've blown up inexpensive stuff though. The other day I broke my motorcycle when I crashed but I only broke a little piece off. Was I hurt? No, I'm fine."

BIG!: Your tutor gives you some homework you can't do. Do you get one of your brothers to do it for you and not tell him?

"No, you ask one of your brothers how you do the problem and you do it yourself. You ask for some help - you could ask your tutor cause isn't that what they're for? I'd definitely do it myself."

BIG!: You want to invite a cute girl to your birthday party but you're too scared. Tay says he'll call and pretend to be you. Do you agree?

"First of all, I wouldn't be inviting a cute girl to my birthday party because usually it's not like (girl voice) 'Ooh, let's have cake and skip along and listen to music!' It's (man voice) 'Let's do paintball or motorcycle or build tree forts!' So unless the cute girl I wanna invite is really butch - ha ha ha - she probably wouldn't want to come!"

BIG!: You're looking at the accounts when you realize a mistake has been made and you're getting paid more. Do you tell?

"I wouldn't be looking at the accounts! If I was I'd probably tell."

BIG!: A top producer says he'll pay you a fortune to make an album with you - but only you. Do you leave the band?

"No. If I was by myself there would be lots of drum solos! Boring. What I would do is accept the money and take on Ike and Taylor as producers and then I would have them as backing vocals but we would just do it as normal. So it would be like my album, but not. And then I'd stick a picture of all of us on the front cover and call it HANSONE, with like an 'e!'".