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*Interview With Gus Van Sant*

Q: What was it like working with Hansen?

A: It's Hanson, Bruce, jeeze. They were fantastic. They are very smart and very successful because of their talent and perseverance, not just because they got lucky. Taylor has the charisma of a young prophet and is in love with people,and Isaac is the comedian, although Zac is pretty funny too. After we got finished putting together their new video, I had to go to Europe and they came in and made some changes to the cut at my invitation, and they made it much better and the possibility of that happening, especially by kids with no filmbackground, is like zero, but still they managed to have the insight and intelligence to know how to improve the cut.

Q: Is the littlest one really as big a brat as he seems to be in interviews?

A: You know, I was wondering the same thing before I met them, and to my relief he is not at all. Zac is really personable and friendly and not challenging in that kind of way, although in videos of them it looks like he is being trying. He is very gleefull loud, which I don't find distracting, and this prompts his brother Taylor to sometimes say "Zac be quiet" which is cute, but, he's like twelve. The other thing is that interviews, when they are done for six hours a day, seven days a week, is something like torture and the subjects often go nutty. Hanson don't exactly put up with too much bull**** because they are perceptive, so when someone asks a stupid question, one of the band members,usually Zac, feels free to call them on it.

Q: Tell a funny anecdote about making your Hansen video.

A: C'mon, Bruce, it's Hanson, with an "o." Or is that the Canadian spelling? My favorite moment was when we had the band walk into the middle of Times Square, Saturday at midnight singing to their playback - their song "Weird" - and walking by regular people on the street. The first take was successful and we tried it again, but just as we started out, there were these partying fraternity brothers who were coming out of a subway stairwell and they recognised the band. They screamed "Hanson!!!" or maybe they screamed "Hansen," and the first A.D. [typists note: Assistant Director] said, "no boys, it's not Hanson" but they screamed, "We're Delta Phi from Oklahoma State. We know Hanson when we see them!!!" and 25 blustery, plastered and loud jock-type guys surrounded the band. From where I was standing all I saw was a complete mobscene moving its way across Broadway. I began running toward the crowd with newspaper headlines flashing behind my eyes: "Hanson Ripped Apart By Drunk Oklahoma Fraternity Brothers." But when I got to them the band was skipping away from the mob laughing and exclaiming, "Wow!! Male energy!!"