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*Interview 1*

Have you become used to your massive popularity?

ISAAC: "I guess so, some of it's still weird, though!"

TAYLOR: "A lot of the guys want to be our friends and the girls tell us they're in love with us. It is strange."

ZAC: "But we know it's because we're in a band, we don't let it g o to our heads!"

Did your mom and dad used to dress you in similar clothes when you were little?

ZAC: "No! But when we originally started on stage we would wear all kinds of matching clothes…"

TAYLOR: "Yeah, or we would color co-ordinate our clothes, but eventually we realized it was a little too corny. We still color co- ordinate a bit but we just wear what we feel comfortable in."

ISAAC: "Our mom and dad certainly don't tell us what to wear, we decide that!"

It's well-known that your favorite toy is Lego, have you ever built anything bigger than ZAC?

ISAAC: "Well we have built some really huge castles. Very, very huge. We made one which  we put on top of a huge rock platform. The castle we're doing now though is probably the biggest that we've ever done!"

ZAC: "They don't take that long to build in one go, but because we're  away from home so much we have to keep coming back to it."

TAYLOR: "They take about 6 months to build by the time we've been back home a few times."

You say you don't fight but you must have the occasional tiff with each other, surely?

ZAC: "Well no, I think it's because we've always been together…"

TAYLOR: "We're best friends."

ISAAC: "It's not an issue because we're brothers and we enjoy each other's company. We do tease each other sometimes, though, like all brothers do."

TAYLOR: "Yeah, like Zac will say, 'I'm the drummer and I'll do whatever I want to.' And because he keeps time with his drums, obviously, he'll start drumming really fast and speed us up and slow us down whenever he feels like it. We're getting used to that now, though!"

Do you still have to do the washing up and stuff at home now you're pop stars?

TAYLOR: "Nothing has changed at home really, which is really good cause it keeps our feet on the ground."

ZAC: "It stops is going completely and utterly craaaaazy!!"

ISAAC: "We never used to do the dishes when we were told anyway. Our parents would tell us to go wash up and they'd come in and we'd be sitting writing a song."

You're old enough to drive back home now Isaac, have you bought a car with all your pop star dosh yet?

ISAAC: "Well I've been having a look. I fancy one of those 4x4 things, preferably a Jeep Cherokee. I looked at a lot of them but I didn't end up buying one…"

TAYLOR: "Well, you should continue looking, we all like them…"

ZAC: "Hey! How about a Dodge Viper, Isaac? You should definitely get one of those, a dark blue one with white stripes down the middle!"

ISAAC: "Hmmm, that would be the car of choice but we're talking about what's reasonable, Zac!"

TAYLOR: "A Viper is the car of our dreams!"

Are you still in love with video games, Zac?

ZAC: "YEP! That's me I'm the guy with the video games I've got loads!"

TAYLOR: "We all really love video games,  but when Zac was three he could already beat the computer at most of them."

ISAAC: "No not quite Tay!"

TAYLOR: "He could! I remember!"

ISAAC: "Hmmm actually you're right. That's pretty scary!"

TAYLOR: "But we love doing other stuff too. Like, we have a tree house in our back garden and when we're there we like playing in it, we go ice skating - and we have tons of other hobbies. We're not totally obsessed with video games and Lego!"