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*Interview-4 June '98*

Wild Boys? We chase hanson to New York to find out if their cool rock'n'roll image runs true! "Neeeeoooow! Splat! All over the pavement!" Young Zac Hanson is running through the various sound effects that come from chucking an array of objects from a ninth floor window, while Taylor and Isaac are trying to calm their mad brother down a notch or two. Just an average day in the life of our long-haired mates Hanson! We're hanging out in a swish suite at the exquisitly posh Trump International Hotel in New York (they have telephones in every bathroom, don't you know?) and everyone's feeling very rock'n'roll. "You know they keep these windows permanantly shut so you can't throw anything out, don't you?" informs Isaac as he gazes across the tree tops of central Park to the soaring New York skyline. "And to stop people jumping out," adds Zac. "Peeeeoooow! Splurdge! All over that road!" "I don't think jumping out of a window would be such a good idea," advises Taylor, "but skydiving from a what a rush!" Yep, these guys are certainly the best judges of what's hot and what's not so as we take to the mean streets of The Big Apple, Hanson give us their ultimate guide to rock'n'roll-dum.

Do you ever wake up and think, 'Wow, I'm a rock'n'roll star!'?

Isaac: Not in a million years.

Zac: Never, ever, ever, never.

Isaac: I think I sometimes wake up and go, 'Wow this is cool!'

Taylor: When we wake up I wouldn't say that we think anything except, 'Hey it's a nice day out there!'

Isaac: Then as the day goes on and you have fans hanging outside the hotel, that's when it hits you.

Didn't you nearly get mobbed yesterday?

Isaac: It's a big honor cause I mean-

Zac: You guys! (He points to lunch tray with a very flat bagel.) It's a bagel!

Isaac: (To Zac) Yeah, yeah... I mean it's definately amazing that-

Zac: (Still pre-ocupied with the bagel) Look at this! Someone's sat on my bagel!

Isaac: It's amazing that so many people want to travel just to see us walk into a building. What does riding around in a limo really feel like?

Taylor: um, it's fun.

Zac: The problem with limos is...

Isaac: ...they attract attention. People think, 'Oooh, who's in there?'

Taylor: Some of them have seats facing backwards, which makes you feel a little queasy. Zac nearly threw up during one limo ride.

Isaac: He did throw up, didn't he?

Zac: No-almost. I held it in.

Isaac: Wasn't it cause the roads were really curvy that day?

Zac: No guys, that's just me. I even get sick in normal cars.

So come on, why are limos so much fun?

Isaac: Cause they're nicer than a van.

Zac: They best ones have this remote and you go, 'Beeep!' (points imaginary remote control at Taylor) and this panel opens up and a TV comes whizzing out.

Taylor: You can stick your head out the sun roof while your cruising around town and stand up in them.

Isaac: Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Do you get given loads of free stuff from cool companies?

Taylor: Yeah, people are always giving us clothes but that doesn't mean we wear them all.

So you turn down lots of freebie gifts?

Taylor: Oh no, we always take them and then if we want the stuff we keep it and if we don't...

Isaac: Woah woah woah! People don't necessarily just give us stuff because of who we are.

Taylor: Yeah, we don't like to wear big logos, we just wear stuff we like.

What are the coolest freebies you've got your mitts on?

Isaac: I got some guitars from Gibson. That was very, very cool and a real thrill for me.

Taylor: We get given loads of lava lamps cause we are starting a lava lamp collection at home.

Zac: If this was our room there'd be two big lava lamps here (points to a pile of bagels), one here (waves hand at Taylor's foot), one here (points at Walker's head), and one here (gestures over to Isaac).

Isaac: The two big lamps are over three feet tall.

Zac: They're not three foot tall. They're two foot twelve.

Isaac: Well whatever, they're pretty big and they take a while to start working but once they do they look great.

Zac: Like pillars.

You mentioned that the Hanson tour will be pretty wild. Just how rock'n'roll were you planning on being?

Zac: I don't know if I'd call it wild. But there'll be some music, a stage, a few lights, some speakers, an audience...

Taylor: We hope!

Isaac: We're not going for tons of special effects but the set we helped design is very cool.

Do you fancy roaring onto the stage on your motorbikes?

Taylor: We actually thought of that but it would be really dangerous. You could drive a little too far and end up in the audience...break a few bones.

Zac: Or miss and smash into a wall.

Isaac: We thought it would be cool if Zac drove up a ramp to his drums and parked behind them.

Zac: Or you could do a wheelie, give it too much gas and end up flipping over backwards.

Taylor: And crushing your whole body!

Isaac: Tay and Zac have had some pretty incredible wrecks recently.

Taylor: Zac hit a rock and just flipped. He flew about ten feet through the air. (ouch...)

Zac: Hey, I was teaching gymnastics to my brothers!

Are you all set to smash up your instruments on stage?

Zac: I don't tink I could bear to do that. I already smash my drums enough as it is, hitting them as hard as I do.

Taylor: Zac takes out his anger by snapping his drumsticks. Rock'n'roll!

Isaac: I'd never be able to smash a guitar. First of all it's mine so I'd be ruining my own stuff.

Zac: And secondly... why?

Isaac: Yeah, why wreck good gear?!

Who's been the most rock'n'roll that you've run into?

Isaac: Aerosmith!

Taylor: And John McEnroe, the tennis player.

Isaac: Oh and we met Ringo Starr from the Beatles last night.

Taylor: We did a little cameo in his new video.

Isaac: The song's called La De Da.

Zac: (in a posh falsetto) La De Da!

Isaac: But, um, it's kinda strange, so we'll see how it turns out.

When are you getting some rock'n'roll tattoos then?

Taylor: We thought about getting earrings and tattoos but it's so cliched. Everyone's done that.

Isaac: We thought about eyebrow rings. Tha could've been cool.

Taylor: Yeah but everyone does it. It's no big deal.

Have you ever been sick in public?

Zac: Of course. On one of the first shows for the Middle of Nowhere tour both Tay and I got sick.

Taylor: Yeah we were spewing all over the place. (eww)

Zac: But luckily one of the first things we said was, if you're gonna spew up on stage make sure you've got your back to the audience.

Taylor: Yeah, don't spew on the audience! Bad move.

Isaac: That's not true. They didn't actually spew on stage. They just looked very green for the whole set.

Zac: It's very easy to get sick when you're meeting so many people.

Taylor: You shake somebody's hand, then you pick your nose, wipe it on your leg. Then you pick your ear... It's tough! ((hmmmm...))

Finally have you ever pulled a rock'n'roll moonie?

Taylor: Never to anyone we didn't know really well.

Zac: And only in the dark - not where anyone could see us!

Isaac: Before you ask, there are no pictures. Trust me!