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*L & K Interview- 2*

Live and Kicking's MISSION: To track down Hanson and swipe from under their noses the private Hanson files containing top secret pop information. If the boys put up a struggle, interrogate them!

L&K: Tell us about America's National Hanson Day?

IKE: Oh Hanson Day! The Governor of Tulsa declared, out of the blue, that May 6 is Hanson Day.

TAY: I don't know what happened - the weird thing was we weren't even there when he decided that!

L&K: So what do people do on this special day?

ZAC: That's a very good question!

IKE: Nothing basically. It would be good if everyone got given a day off school.

TAY: We didn't have much say in the matter. They just said that wanted to declare it Hanson Day. We were like, 'OK then'!

L&K: You can't deny it's flattering.

IKE: It's cool.

ZAC: It's wild!

IKE: It's a pretty big deal that people even worry about doing something like that.

TAY: I just think it's pretty weird.

L&K: What do you think of all the Anti-Hanson Internet Sites?

ZAC: (Laughing) They're kinda funny!

TAY: Once there was this person who kept sending us threatening messages. We called him up and he turned out to be a jealous kid. I feel sorry for him 'cause he got in trouble. Maybe his girlfriend liked us and that made him jealous.

IKE: Everyone's entitled to their own opinion about our music, and that's fine. But it is worrying when people get a little more intense and make threats.

L&K: What's the most unbelievable thing you've heard about Hanson?

ZAC: That I'm dead!

TAY: Yeah. It was announced all over the place that we'd died in a car crash.

ZAC: I was dead and Ike was in a coma. Everyone was saying. 'Aren't you dead? but you know I didn't feel much different. Hey if I'm dead, there cord sales will go up. That's a good thing!

TAY: Yeah we're gonna play along with it for a while.

L&K: Reckon you'll ever go solo?

IKE: No, even in a few years time we'll definitely stick together. As long as we're doing music then we'll be the band.

ZAC: We'll use a huge tube of superglue to stick us together. Did you  know superglue was originally used on the battlefield to stick wounds together?

IKE: The only problem Zac, is you wouldn't be able to play the drums then!

ZAC: You guy's have to play them with me!

L&K: How about Hanson: The Movie. When's that happening?

TAY: Who says it is? We met this guy once who had an idea for a movie. We didn't go for it, but he went round telling everyone we were signing a big Hollywood deal.

L&K: If Hanson stopped tomorrow what non-music job would you do?

ZAC: I wanna be a motorcycle courier!

IKE: Me and Taylor would be painters.

TAY: But if we weren't musicians then we'd be different people. If We weren't in a band together, then we'd be in a band with someone else.

L&K: How important is your image?

ZAC: Music comes first. If you don't have the music but you've got the image, what's the point?

IKE: I think image is pretty unimportant. Like people ask us about our hair all the time.

ZAC: We just happen to grow our hair.

IKE: I don't care what length our hair is. Maybe tomorrow I'll decide to shave it off!

L&K: So, if one of you decided to cut your hair would you all do it?

IKE: Not at all.


TAY: That's what makes us individuals. We're not following each other -we all wanted longer hair.

L&K: How much advice do you give each other?

TAY: Tons. I'm always saying to Zac, 'Don't be so this and that!' but that's what makes him Zac.

ZAC: We're always giving each other advice.

IKE: Even after an interview where you've said something you wish you hadn't. Tay or Zac may say, 'Hey, Ike you said something a little stupid there.'

TAY: We're really critical.

L&K: What subjects do you refused to talk about?

TAY: My favorite ice cream flavor - I mean, why?

IKE: Yesterday I was asked if I'd seen any pretty sunsets recently! I was like, "What?"

ZAC: It's funny that people wanna know that kind of stuff. We just  don't tell them.

L&K: What's more important: Music, Fame, Family, Friends or Hanson?

IKE: Wow, that's hard. I'd say music, family and Hanson.

ZAC: I'd say, all of them.

TAY: Nah, I'd say music. Music is family and family is Hanson so it's all one thing. Fame is definitely not what it's all about.

IKE: It's very fleeting and very superficial. The music industry is fickle and people's tastes change. You can't put your trust in all that.

L&K: Do you feel at all Weird before going on stage?

IKE: I get a little bit nervous - just a hint of butterflies before I go on.

TAY: Once you're on, you just have fun. I think it's far more embarrassing performing for less people. I'd be more nervous playing for 50 people in a room than an arena of 50,000.

IKE: The worst is performing for friends and family. That's sooo embarrassing!