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*L & K 3*

J:: Isaac, Taylor and Zac welcome to Live and Kicking!

(ZAC Jumps from his little area onto Jamie)

J: Argh! (Catches Zac) No Stage diving on this show!


J: I donít know where that came from? Is this yours? (Gives something to ZAC)

T: Is this yours?

J: Oh well it would have to be mine!

J: Now listen there are thousands of people who want to give you a call and want to have a chat so fellas? Phone number take it away!!!

I: The phone number is a ....

T: 1...1...1


J: 0181....

T: Play the Jingle!!

J: oh forget it play the jingle! I thought we went through this!!!!

Z: It was 0..1..

I: 0181..the 0

mitch: They werenít very good were they??

J: 0181 811 8181.

Z: 8..4..

J: Right weíll try it again

I: Right thereís a 1. (Spend a while thinking about the number is...)

J: Now itís time to be lifted to Cloud nine with Zoe. (Hanson all look around dreamily)

Zoe: Yes all of the girls have gone weak at the knees Letís welcome those brothers...Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson!

I: Ladies and Gentlemen our sister ZOE!!!OH SORRY sheís not really our sister.

Zoe: Sister? Iím more like your mother! Ok letís go on...

I: Sheís really our older sister....oh Sheís not that old!!!

Zoe: Thank you! You know people have started to call me Grandma around here! Ok letís go straight to line one. Whoís the lucky lass on line one.

Caller: Hi itís Gemma!

Zoe: Hi Gemma. Is it true you have about 60 of your friends staying over?

Caller: Yep!

Zoe: Well do they want to say hello?

Caller: Hi...HIIIIIIIIIIII( Screams)

T: Are you sure thatís 60??

Zoe: Anyway youíre through to the boys whatís your question?

Caller: hi hanson... Has your family relationship changed since youíve become famous?

I: No...

T: Not at all no..

I: Weíre the same people we were you know a long time ago...

T: Weird, Goofy and you know...

Z: And stooopid!

I: yeah crazy....

Zoe: Often do you get to see your other brothers and sisters?

I: We see them quite a bit...

T: A lot of the times they travel with us, and usually we travel in a big group but if itís, like, a short trip then we just travel alone.

Z: Itís weird!! Weíre talking on the TV on the phone?

I: This is weird!

Z: It doesnít quite make sense!

I: This is awkward!

Zoe: Itís awkward? Iím sorry! Well thanks for calling Gemma!!


Zoe: Ok Matty youíve got a question?

(Girl in crowd): Out of all the things youíve seen whatís been your best experience so far?

I: ooooh!

T: I donít know thatís hard!...Being on Live and Kicking!!

I: THE BEST! So cool!


I: Umm..the thing is there are so many different cultures so many different countries itís hard to...

T: People say whatís your favourite country whatís your favourite thing youíve done but itís impossible to say because since MMMbop and everything happened I guess you could say weíve done..weíve travelled around the world and seen so many things I mean itís just been CRAZY!

I: Itís all a blur in your mind You donít remember anything!

T: Like whatís today? I have no idea..

Z: Today is....

Zoe: Saturday!

Z: Nope..itís

I: Monday!

Z: NO!!!

Zoe: Letís go back to the phones..whoís on line 2?

Caller: Hi itís Mandy! Hi Hanson!


Caller: Do you think any of your brothers and sisters will join the band in the near future??

I: um...I would actually be Suprised!

T: A LOT of people ask that I think that really you want them to do what they want to do. You want them to do..You we do it because we love music but if they..You want them to do the same thing. (um...)

I: Yeah so if- I guess they do want to join our band. You know.

T: Weíll see what happens.

I: If itís something they want to do well see what happens!

Zoe:What instruments would they play know backing...?

Z: Drum, Bass, you know I think they might like do TUBA and clarinet!

I: Trombone....Sorry...(does a Louie Armstrong impression) We could do like a Louie Armstrong..we could play..

Zoe: Thatís a very good Louie Armstrong

I: (Still doing Louie)Ah ha!


Zoe: Ah Chloe!

Chloe: um I enjoy going to school to see my friends. Do you think youíve lost out on the opportunity to make friends cause you didnít go to school!?


T: YOU KNOW!! Wait why am I talking to the phone?

Z: (drops his phone)



T: HELLO? FRIENDS HOT LINE? Iíd like to Phone friends hot line. I NEED A FRIEND NOW! ((*LOL*))

ZOE: Do You have a tutor or someone who teaches you....Your Dad teaches you?

T: Our parents teache us..

I: Yeah..


I: Yeah we have plenty of friends! And things like that...

Zoe: Do you have to do exams?

I: Stuff like that....

T: ...You know this is like politics...She just asked us a question and we didnít answer it!

Zoe: I know! Huh hah! Whatís that all about? Anyway weíve got a great competition and ZACíS GOING TO show did a lovely demonstration earlier on!

Z: We have aaaaaaa.....

I: Lovely....: What is it?

Z: Sweater!

Zoe: and what else have you got?

Z: Weíve also got (chucks the sweater into in the bin in front of the camera) A MIDDLE OF NOWHERE CD....And...

T: canít throw that! Wait you canít break it!

Z: (THROWS IT ANYWAY) and we have...

I: Snowed in CD.

Z: Snowed in

Zoe starts talking but Zac isnít shutting up! And Zac is still throwing things around.

Zoe: Iíll just let him carry on..And whatís the question Isaac!!!

Mitch: No wonder they donít have any friends...

I: OK..The question is.....

Mitch: Too noisy..

I: Iím talking on the phone..yes uh the question is WHAT IS OUR COLLECTIVE AGE?

ZOE: Thank you very much HANSON!!

Z: Iím sorry I broke your phone!

Mitch: Zoe before you go on can I just congratulate you for doing the whole interview with a spoldge of marmalade on you right cheek!!

Everyone: UUURGH!!!