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*L & K in Australia*

L&K: How are you mate?

IKE: Just fine thanks.

L&K: What are you guys up to?

IKE: We're having a breather from touring and promo but there's lots to be getting on with.

L&K: Tell us about your Pepsi Music Live deal?

IKE: The people at Pepsi wanted to pick one of our songs to feature on one of their free CDs - so you can send off for it if you collect the Pepsi ring pulls . Anyway, they chose Man from Milwaukee which is cool

L&K: The song on the Pepsi CD's a rockin' live version. Where did you record it?

IKE: It was taken from a concert we played in New York last year. We were filming the Tulsa, Tokyo and Middle of Nowhere video so it was a nutty show. Cameras chasing us, fans screaming, it was loads of fun.

L&K: Do you end up playing and singing louder and louder at each gig just to compete with the fans?

IKE: Oh yeah we used to but now we've got these special in-ear monitors. They kind act like ear plugs but they also mean we can hear ourselves perform.

L&K: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

IKE: We get in a big huddle backstage and psyche each other up. Telling each other to have fun is a pretty good way of calming the butterflies 'cause you do tend to think (in shaky, scared voice), 'Oh wow!' when you hear the fans screaming for you out front.

L&K: We can't wait to see you guys again. When are you planning to tour the UK?

IKE: Well, it's tricky. We're about to do a tour of the US so it's gonna be a while yet but who knows, maybe we'll pop over to Europe for a few surprise shows.

L&K: Is there anything you'd love to see in England this time round?

IKE: Well, London's so big and there must be gadzillions of things we never got a chance to see during our last visit. You'll have to buy us a really good guide book and take us sightseeing.

L&K: It's a deal! Are there any special effects you'd love to try out onstage?

IKE: There's this physical effect we've got planned for our tour.

L&K: Oo-er! Explain.

IKE: Let's just say it involves a few of our fans and this gadget that blows lots of air out.

L&K: Er, you're inviting the fans to vacuum the stage!

IKE: (Breaking into big guffaws) No! Forget it! You'll never guess and I'm not giving any more away.

L&K: OK, back to Pepsi. You're holding a huge gig in America which will be attended by competition winners from across the world - are you going to learn how to sing in all those different languages?

IKE: Woah, that'd be cool but I don't think we'll risk it. We're totally in awe of our foreign fans - they all sing along in perfect English. It's incredible.

L&K: Can you say 'Hello' in any other languages?

IKE: Sure. I can say 'Hola!', that's Spanish. 'Bonjour!' that's French. I know the Japanese for 'No problem!' too (says something we don't understand) See!

L&K: Er Yeah.

IKE: I did know a bit of German but we haven't travelled much in the last few weeks so I'm losing it all. I've turned my brain off today.

L&K: Quick! Turn it back on! Are Hanson big fizzy drinkers?

IKE: Oh yeah and Pepsi's pretty darned good y'know. They've brought out a really cool new can in the States. It looks like a lump of ice. It's kinda hard to explain.

L&K: Do you get loads of free Pepsi?

IKE: No, but I bet we could. We hadn't thought of that.

L&K: Guzzling all that pop must make Zac's burps even more deadly!

IKE: Actually it makes it harder to burp if you use the Hanson Technique.

L&K: What's that?

IKE: Yeah, we fill up our stomach with air, not fizzy drink, and then force ourselves to burp. Thing is, if you force yourself too hard you end up throwing up!

L&K: And when you've finished guzzling do you recycle your cans like good environmentally-friendly pop stars?

IKE: Sure we do. We've always recycled stuff. It was a good way of making some extra pocket money when we were little kids.

L&K: Talking of kiddiwinks, how's your new baby sister?

IKE: Very, very cute. She's a good baby.

L&K: Have you been roped in to change her diapers?

IKE: Not as much as I usually do. Being the oldest I often get lumbered with the diaper changing. I've got lots of experience at dealing with dirty diapers!

L&K: What are you doing for the rest of the day?

IKE: Sitting on my tush! I'm gonna take it easy for the next few days. Taylor's gone away for a few days so I'll probably play my guitar and just relax!

L&K: And finally have you got a message for our 'Live and Kicking' readers?

IKE: Of course! Hanson wanna say a big thank you for your support. You guys rock!

L&K: Thanks for calling. See you at the Pepsi gig, matey!