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*Interview in London*

!Live and Unleashed!

You're about to play your first live show in London-what can your fans expect?

Zac:One thing you can definitely expect is music!

Taylor:We're also gonna throw in songs from the 50s,60s and early 70s that we enjoy playing.

Ike:Yeah, and of course songs from Middle of Nowhere and 3 Car Garage.

Are you going to dance on stage?

Taylor:Dance? No. We were talking to somebody and they asked us what we did on stage.'We're playing',we said-and they asked 'Some of the time?'And we went,'No,all of the time!'

Is playing instruments important to you?

Taylor:Yes,it's definitely important. Being a band and playing together has been very important to us from the beginning.

Ike:We're ready to go out on tour, starting in Europe and that's gonna be very important to us. We've been planning it for a while and now we're finally going. It's gonna be great.

Taylor:This tour has sprung up out of our own need to tour. After the next album we'll be going out on a really big tour. Maybe during spring of next year.

Do you study when you're on tour?

Zac:Our parents are our tutors,so we can go to school while we're on the road.

Ike:It's a pretty good thing.

Taylor:When we travel around we see so many things and learn so much more than we could from books.

What do you miss most when you're on tour?


Ike:If I miss anything from home, it's actually the relaxation of being somewhere you feel comfortable. That's all. We feel comfortable on stage too. It's an incredible feeling to play to the fans.

Your new album is a big secret. Why is that?

Zac:Well, it wouldn't be a secret if we told you about it!

Ike:We're constantly writing songs.We've written tons of songs already and we're very excited about going back to the studio.

You always seem to be smiling. Why's that?

Taylor:Really? No, we don't smile all the time. It's just that we're happy and our family is-well-our family means a lot to us.

Ike:And we're doing what we've always wanted to do, even when we were a lot younger than this, we've always been musical. We're amazed by our success.

Hanson fans are very loyal. What's the weirdest thing a fan has done?

Taylor:Once, we got this letter which went on for miles!

Zac:I wonder if they knew how many trees that used?

Ike:We write responses to some, and we're trying to find a way to communicate with our fans in a more efficient way, because we get so many letters and gifts, incredible stuff like that letter. You sit there and go,'Pheeeuuw!' It's very exciting to have fans all over the world and it's an honor that we've reached this level because of our songs.

Taylor:We'll put up some of our letters on our homepage on the internet when we have time.

Which one of you looks after all the money you must have made?

Taylor:As far as money goes, we put that stuff in the bank. You might think, 'Oh,Hanson are famous so they must be living extravagant lives.' We're not. We're living very normal lives. We don't have extravagant needs.

Zac:We don't have a $30 million dollar house!

Taylor:The money enables us to keep doing what we love, keep traveling and making music.

Ike:It's the music that's the most important thing to us of all. Is it true you're making Hanson-The TV show?

Zac:No, that's a rumor.

Ike:We're concentrating on music.We're musicians and that's what we do, so that's what we're gonna continue to do. I don't know what could happen in the future,but today it feels good!