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*MTV w/ John Norris*

*The Tour*

JOHN NORRIS: Are you going to play Tulsa?

TAYLOR: We wanted to do two shows there, but it becomes too much of a crunch. We are psyched about doing a show there, though. I think it's going to be almost on the 4th of July, so that'll be cool. We might be home for the 4th of July, get to do some fireworks and all that kind of stuff.

ZAC: See, what we're going to do is cut a hole in the roof of the place we're playing and shoot fireworks out of the roof.

JOHN: You cleared that with the fire marshall, did ya?

ZAC: We were also thinking of just not taking off the roof and just shooting and they'll explode as they hit the roof.

TAYLOR: It gets a big effect going when your hair starts lighting on fire.

ISAAC: Yeah, the Michael Jackson thing.

TAYLOR: Forget lighting, you've got fire!

ISAAC: Yeah, who needs anything? Pyrotechnics!

JOHN: So you're going to be in a bus the whole summer?

TAYLOR: Yeah, we'll be on a bus. Actually, we'll be in Europe doing a few shows, and we can't exactly drive over the water. But most of the time, yeah, we'll be bus-ridden.

ZAC: Yeah, airborne (makes flying noises).

JOHN: When will you get the chance to write songs for the next album?

TAYLOR: We're always writing songs, so you have all these songs that you definitely are psyched about recording. Once we get through the summer and get to play some shows, we'll definitely be right in the studio.

ISAAC: We actually have some songs right now that we feel pretty strongly that they may end up on the album.

TAYLOR: You're always writing songs.

ISAAC: You're always writing songs and you come across some good stuff and some bad stuff, and you come across little pieces or sometimes you write a whole song -- it just depends. But we're feeling really good about the next album and the tour and everything.

TAYLOR: Looking forward to what's coming up. Definitely.

ISAAC: Yeah, it's going to be very cool.

JOHN NORRIS: All right, "Live From The 10 Spot," are you excited about the show, is the rehearsal going well?

ISAAC: We're very, very psyched. We've been rehearsing in New York for the tour and also for the show, and it's going to be a lot of fun. We're really looking forward to it and hoping that the fans are going to really enjoy it and hoping that everybody watches it.

TAYLOR: They'll get a sneak peak to the tour, it's not the tour, but it's definitely a sneak peak to what you'll see live at a real show.

JOHN: You said that this is sort of a preview of the summer tour, what more can you tell us about the tour that's coming up?

ZAC: Well, it's a show. And lots of people can come, and you buy a ticket, and it shows you where you sit. That's one of the special features in our show.

JOHN: Wow, that's pretty awesome, who thought of that one?

ISAAC: That was Zac all the way, it was him.

TAYLOR: A concept introduced many years ago. First of all, it's going to be a lot longer, so you'll get -- we can't give it a way.

JOHN: Some other covers, maybe some new songs?

TAYLOR: Some other covers, some new songs off of "3 Car Garage," which is the independent recordings that are coming out.

ISAAC: Which is old songs...

TAYLOR: New songs to people that don't know them. It'll be a full show, and so we're very psyched about playing and about what's coming up next year.

JOHN: I was really impressed when I saw the stage downstairs. You guys have a little homage to Oklahoma on-stage.

TAYLOR: That's funny that you said that, because when we were thinking of the concept, it has the, what we kind of call, the nickname, "oil derricks" but that's not really what they are.

ZAC: They're just towers.

TAYLOR: They're just towers.

ISAAC: It was so funny because when we were working with the designing guy, we were like, yeah, let's have towers and they should be shaped like that and they should look industrial with metal and stuff like that. And then when we mocked them up, we went, "They look like oil derricks. Oh geez, this is weird!"

*New Album "3 Car Garage"*

JOHN NORRIS: The new album, in a sense, a new album...

ISAAC: New album, old album, yeah, it's the re-release.

ZAC: It's an old album to us and a new album to you.

ISAAC: Yes, it's the re-release of our independent recordings. It's actually the re-release of our second independent record and it's called "3 Car Garage."

TAYLOR: So you'll hear the stuff that got us signed to Mercury, when we were pushing our different records, pushing our music. It's really what got us signed.

ISAAC: And the reason that we actually decided to release it was because we had so many fans requesting it. I mean, we had thousands and thousands and thousands of e-mails coming --

TAYLOR: Thousands and thousands and thousands?

ISAAC: It was a lot... And a lot of letters, too, saying we want to hear your old music and we just thought it would be a good idea to let them have it.

ZAC: Hey, can I ask you a question? Wouldn't it have been easier to say, like, 3 or 4 thousand, because you said "thousands and thousands and thousands."

TAYLOR: Condense it a little bit.

JOHN (to Isaac): You're used to this abuse?

ISAAC: Yeah, I am.

JOHN: You've got a tough skin now.

ISAAC: Hey, he's on the drums, he controls everything we do.

JOHN: This is true. It's a scary thought.

ISAAC: If he wants to do polka, we do polka. We start playing... (He and Zac sing "Mmmbop" to a polka beat)

TAYLOR: Oh, God.

JOHN: King of the world.

ZAC: Naw.

TAYLOR: Don't let him know, we're concealing this.

ISAAC: Yeah, we're trying not to remind him.

JOHN: So what does "3 Car Garage" sound like?

ISAAC: It's definitely much more indie, obviously.

TAYLOR: Very much more indie, it's just very raw.

ZAC: Also with the vocals, we're a lot lower now, so there's a big difference.

TAYLOR: Also, with a lot of people, they didn't really think that we play the instruments, or that we wrote the songs, so this is kind of like, if you think we're young now, you listen to this and it was two and a half years ago, and it was our second album then. We were doing it on our own, so it's like, if you didn't believe it, there it is.

ISAAC: People asked us a long time ago, "Taylor, you're the lead singer, right?" And we'd go, "Well, I guess, on this album." The "3 Car Garage" album kind of makes the point, because we would always say it's just kind of a coincidence.

TAYLOR: Everybody's always trading off.

ISAAC: And it's even more so on the tour and different things like that. It's just fun, we have a lot of fun blending the vocals.

JOHN: Have any of you ever had any Peter Brady moments?

TAYLOR: (making his voice crack) What are you talking about? (They laugh. He speaks in his normal voice). It's weird because our voices on "Middle Of Nowhere" we were a little higher. Now everybody's voice is kind of fitting into the nook. So it's kind of weird, you're like, "Ike, that was a great note." And Zac's like, "That was me." "Oh, sorry."

ISAAC: People always talk about your voice breaking, and I went through it, too.

ZAC: It's not like, "Whoa! (He falls backward and gets back up) I broke my voice!!"

TAYLOR: You've got to deal with it. What can you do?

ISAAC: We never had any Peter Brady moments, no.

JOHN: Did you actually record "3 Car Garage" in a three car garage? How did you come up with that title?

TAYLOR: We actually did it in a one car garage, but we did it in a garage and there's three of us, so we thought, what a combination. Three car garage, that's really all it means. And it kind of works because it's very indie with the garage band concept and all that stuff...