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*On the Blower With Hanson*

Our favorite trio have been on holiday recently but they did find time to give us a quick buzz to let us know what they'd been doing!

What have you been up to of late?

Zac: We've had lots of time off, it's been really great just being home with our friends and catching up on paintballing battles...

Taylor:We're still really into our off-road motorcycles. The last time we spoke we were complaining about not having enough time to play on them but now we've had time to practice we've become really good at doing stunts and stuff.

Isaac: Yeah, and we've found really good hills near us to take them.

Zac:I came off mine yesterday, I skidded on loads of gravel and went flying. I had my gloves and padding on, it could have been very painful!

When are you coming over to the UK?

Taylor: Well, we're actually thinking about coming over in June to do a live date in London.

Isaac: We're really looking forward to doing some live dates. Performing on stage is the best thing about being in a band.

Zac: We've got some really good live stuff up our sleeves so you'll have to make sure you try and see us!

How's baby Zoe coming along?

Zac: She's just fine. She's three months old now but she hasn't shown any signs of wanting to join the band yet.

Taylor: Our other sisters and brother have been on our records though. Mackie was on the Christmas album and Avery and Jessica are on 'Soldier'which is on our new 3 Car Garage album!