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I: Hi Iím...guitar...

T: Iím guitar hanson...Iím, keyboard Hanson.

Z: And Iím ZA...Iím drum Hanson.

T: Zacís the crazy one Zacís the psycho!


J: Cause YOUíRE GETTING to a certain age when youíre gonna start getting interested in girls..

I&Z: HEY!!!

I: Who said we were getting to that stage?

J: OH!!!

J: Anyway listen try to explain to me what itís been like the last couple of months. Because itís just gone (makes some rocket sounds)

I: Itís been incredible..

T: Itís been awesome! Itís been very cool!

(ZAC SHOUTING TO FANS IN A CONCERT please stop screaming)

J: Do you ever go on now and again thinking Ďthis is so strange?í

I: You can at kinda go WOW! IíM MEAN YOUíRE GETTING TO do the MTV you know MUSIC AWARDS.

J: And the third single is out and itís a but different from the other two.

I: Yeah Itís a ballad

J: and Iíve seen THE video, Do you come up with the ideas for the videos.

T: Definitely weíre very strongly a part of the videos that have come out so far.

I: WE thought hey letís take a different twist to this one..and itís a different song

J: Cause Youíve got this kind of radio active glow

T: A lot of people think weíre trying to be angels or something...

Z: But really.....

T: (Kinda elbows him for interrupting) Itís actually...

(Jamie starts laughing)

Z: But really weíre angels that are radioactive.. (Taylor still trying to finish what heís saying so elbows Zac again)

J: Taylor is it true your voice is about to break?

T: Well my voice changed during the Middle of Nowhere ALBUM...

Z: I wouldnít say it broke Iíd say it changed!

T:It changed it got a lot lower during the album.

J: Now a Lot of your music has this ja - hahaha Iím just going to ignore that..whatís going on over there! Donít look over there come back here (Zac is doing some little dance)

Z: Itís the ....(laughs)

J: Youíre music has this cheerful charming uh..kinda nature

T: (starts doing some sort of beat...Pretending to play the drums and joins in with Zac)

J: HAHAHA ..BUT in terms of what it is do you think it might change on the next couple of years in this evil and bitter and twisted music industry..

T: ha.

I: YEAH....Hahaha.

J: Do you think you might lose that?

T: I think youíre always......

Z: Y-E-E-E-E-E-S (says in a burp and smiles. everyone looks at him like Ďgrossí.)

J: OH that is gross! You see if you werenít famous you wouldnít be allowed to get away with that!

T: Actually we did do that and we..

J: If my mom was here..

I: YES we would..

J: if MY MOM was here sheíd give you a BIG slap.

T: We would.