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*Press Conference-1*

Why was there only one European show?

T: We're going to do some more shows later on. All year we've been doing press so what we wanted to do is go out and play a few shows just for us.

I: And also for the fans because we've gotten so many letters from people wondering when we're going to.

T: Then we're going back to the studio to do the next album. After that the next thing is a big tour with more shows.

What did they bring on tour with them?

All: Clothes…

T: We've just got motorbikes and we take them with us too! Ha ha! No, we take our journals so we can remind ourselves what happened when we look back.

Do they collect souveniers?

I: You collect souvenirs as time goes on, It's good to have little trinkets..

T: Also you see different things, like yesterday we went to see Stonehenge which was very cool.

How do they resist girls?

T: I don't resist, I jump back! It scares them more.

Z: Our approach is mainly like sumo wrestlers, you know a large one and a small one, sidestep! Pe-Ying! BONG! (hehe)

T: There's no secret, the fans aren't out to hurt you or kill you, they're just excited.

B*Witched -Why did you drop them as support act?

T: First of all we have totally nothing against B*Witched. What happened was we said to the promoter that we wanted a local live band and then found out that they'd been dropped.

Z: It's just that we think a live band would work better with our show.