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*TOTP Radio*

DJ:Here we are Iíve got the lads in my dressing room and Iíve tidied up especially for you. What do you think??


T: ha ha ha ha. Well you donít wanna enter our dressing room. Thatís...itís a lot better than ours.

DJ: Whatís your dressing room like?

T: Actually we havenít had quite enough time to mess it up yet. But donít worry we will very soon.

DJ: Thatís what I expect.

Z: Itíll look like our bedroom.

T: huh huh.

I: YES! exactly.

DJ: What does your bedroom look like? exactly?

Z: Very messy.


I: Well you know!

DJ: NICE! (all start laughing)

DJ: The new single

T: Whereís... (in a weird voice)

I: The single..WHEREíS THE LOVE (in the very same voice)... actually Zac should do it.


T: We kept it in our dressing room actually thatís where the love is.

DJ: Have you found love yet? Have you got girlfriends? Are you married? (one million and one times they've been asked this...)

T: N..

I: Well....

(all together) NO. NO. AND no again.

I: All those no.

Z: No.

DJ: Aw. Thereís loads of girls screeching and screaming for you.

Z&T: Yeah

I: Yeah.

DJ: How does it feel?

T: Itís cool. I mean itís great that people are excited.

DJ: Are you worried now that youíre so famous that youíre just gonna go completely weird?

I: I would never say that we were so famous first of all. and uh. you know..

Z: Second of all...

DJ: OH come on! You have to...

I: Oh no!

(all argue)

Z: Second of all..second of all. why would we go weird???

I: Yeah!

DJ: Thatís right you are already weird.

DJ: Cause you are quite young and world famous...

T: Oooo..K....

DJ: Are you worried...No you are! you are (to Taylor)

I: ha ha.

DJ: Are you worried about this whole casualty thing. That...You know youíre whole Michael Jackson, Youíre Drew Barry-

T: Oh! Grossm, I like my face.

DJ: Are you worried about becoming like that?

Z: First of all I like my face the way it is.

T: Second of all weíre not Drew Barrymoore then we would be girls that would be very gross.

Z: And it would not be good.

I: And also weíre not worried about that weíre really tight as far as brothers go.

Z: You know if one of us wants to get a face lift weíll just get a pan you know just hit them on the....

T: BONK! Thereís your face lift!

(all laugh)

I: You know?

DJ: Well I donít cause Iím not world famous like you lads. whatís it like?

I: Well actually maybe we should ask you whatís it like?

DJ: Whatís what like?

I: Being the famous radio person that you are the famous radio personality.

DJ: Nobody knows who I am I just walk around nobody goes, nobody says anything.

T: Well thatís good...

DJ: I go to sleep..

T: That means..

DJ: I just cry me eyes out.

T: That means....

DJ: Everynight lads.

I: That means all your fans deeply respect you.

DJ: Alright!!! GREAT!


T: I wish our...

Z: Make you feel bad by

T: Youíve got some good fans!

DJ: Zac youíve got lovely hair! (where did THAT come from?)

Z: Thank you.

(T&I laugh)

DJ: What do you use to keep it so shiny?

Z: Nothing I... use shampoo.

T: Itís hair. What are you suppose to do with it?

DJ: But itís very shiny.

T: Wash it with the green moldy thing. (huh?)

Z: (giggles)

DJ: I like shiny hair and itís nice shiny hair. It has to be addressed lads, it has to be.

Z: I wash my hair with the green goop I find in the swamps outside my house and....

T: Itís called Guacamole.

Z: and once I do that it just feels like this mushy kinda thing.

I: Probably cause you didnít wash it out of your hair.

T: After letting it dry for a week he then peels it off and it becomes shiny!

DJ: Itís delicious.

T: Itís good. You can put it on Burritos (all talk about guacamole)

DJ: Iíve got to ask whatís it like having your Mom and Dad everywhere you go?

I: uh...

Z: Whatís it...

T: First of all theyíre not everywhere when we go to the bathroom..No ones there.

(all laugh)

I: We do that on our own!


T: Well yes their.. parents are just...they make it easier for us because they take some of the pressure off of us by being involved but I mean..They are a part of the....thing that we do is our family goes with us. It's just how it is.