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*Radio Interview-2*

JM: Hooray! We've got Hanson back. The girls are gonna be absolutely screaming and shouting cause you are their favorites. We get the most mail when you come in and what's it like to be back in England.

T: Yay!

I: It's very cool. We are very glad to be here.

T: In fact.. what's it like to be back in this room.

I: Yeah.. It's the same room.. Over and Over and Over.. again. It's scary and stuff.

JM: I want you to describe.. I've had a lot of people asking me what happens in a normal Hanson day? I want you to take me through from morning to night.

T: Well..Not really a Hanson day.

I: Everyday we get up..

JM: What time?

I: Brush our teeth.

T: Brush your teeth little kiddies it's good for you. There's no really normal Hanson day..

Z: See after that... It's all you know mumbo jumbo. Lots of different stuff goes on and we get back we brush our teeth, and we gel and brush our teeth then we floss our teeth and then we use mouth wash. We get them all shiny then we go to sleep

T: But that's just the same. You know what our day is like. That's about the only thing that stays the same.The day is unpredictable.

JM: What have you been up to since we last saw you?

T: Been doing a lot of things in the States, You know we've filmed our most recent video for 3 Car Garage which is um.. a released of our independent recordings. That's the most recent thing you can get on the shelves now. We have like a video which is coming out for one of the songs on there.

I: And we actually did Weird. The Weird video which is very cool.

T: The Weird video for the weird.

JM: Tell me about 'Thinking of you' Please.

T: Well that song actually we  played it for a long time and that was on 3 Car Garage. We were just talking about and it's on the Middle of Nowhere. It's-

Z: Thinking of you.

T: It's the newest single. It's the song..

JM: Is it good?

T: I think it sucks actually…

T: It's our song…

Z: We can't say it's bad.

I: We think it's horrible in fact we don't like it and so…we won't go there.

T: We're kinda based .. so we can't really say if it's good or not. It's up to everybody else to say. Think we like playing it..It's a cool song. I guess.

JM: What are your demands when you do a TV appearance. What would be your right?

T: Lots of cute chicks in our room…Just kidding. … I'm just joking. Just joking.

JM: What about in your dressing room like flowers and chocolates and champagne.

Z: We need lots of chocolates and flowers..

T: I think we are talking about YOUR dressing room.

JM: Oh yeah.. Look around my sparse dressing room.

Z: Gold everywhere and all these statues of YOU and they're GREAT!

Z: You know it looks like you just got it remodled  It's wonderful.

I: Well we don't really have anything particular that we ask for.

T: I mean I guess we ask for things just like chips..or you know soda. Things like that.

JM: What's the most rock and roll thing you've ever done? Since we last saw them?

T: Ever ever done.. Most rock and roll thing we've ever done is... like you know outrageous kind of thing?

I: I slipped off the drum riser the other day.

JM: You're joking.

T: He jumped off the drum riser and landed on himself.

I: Ripped my pants on the drum riser. (hehe)

T: We went to this amusement park and they closed off the ride.. and we did the ride a few times and then let everyone else back one. That was cool.

JM: Sort of Aerosmith like..

T: We threw Zac out of buildings with a bungy cord tied to his toe.

I: I threw myself off one of those and it was pretty scary.

T: Actually it's more strenuous when you tie it to your toe.

JM: Do you have long toes Zac, yes or no?

Z: Um.. We definitely have a while to go but you know as long..

JM: Toes..

T: Did you say long toes or long tour?

JM: Long toes. because of the bungey jump with your toe?


T: He thought you said long tour..He thought you said a long tour.

I: Ah!

JM: Oh!


JM: Yes or no?

Z: My…No.

JM: Ok, You have to run..

Z: It's hard to run with these long toes..