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*TFI Appearance*

C: Guys, guys, guys. How are you?

I:  We're fine thanks

C: Thanks for coming on this show I really appreciate that. This is Isaac..

I: We're glad to come on this show. Yes.

C: And this is Taylor and this is ZAC! (cheers from crowd)

T: We are not on the ball.

C: What? You are on the ball. Why don't you think you are on the ball?

T: I don't know..I just think that song gets stuck in my head. And I do not want to be on that…

I: I think that we should like record that song…

C: We could record a little bit now.

T: OH please don't!

C: yeah you're on the ball..

C: OK ok! So listen you're on tour right now and not on the ball and you are going to play two gigs in Wembley Arena this week and these are your first major gigs in the UK.

I&T: Yes..

I: Yes  we're doing Cologne, Germany actually tomorrow and Wembley.

C: Yeah Are you nervous?

T: Oh, No actually we're very excited.

C: What's the show like?

T: If we told you about the show then why would we….

C: But the tickets are already sold man! It does not matter the cash is already in the bag.

(Everyone laughs)

T: That's true!! Ok now we can explain it…Um it's a cool show I mean there's nothing special like exploding things or anything like that.

I: Yeah you know no exploding bunnies dribbling or anything (??)..You know we did not do that.

C: So you know about dribbling? I'm impressed.. Americans who know about football. That is a very cool thing.


C: Are you following the USA chances in the World Cup?

I: I'm actually trying .. I was trying to find out when the USA was playing.

T: We're not following it as much as I guess we should but we like football we play it a lot … soccer a lot.

C: Do you know the offside rule… Taylor?

T: What..What?

I: I believe. .I..

C: Oooh! He's having a go!

I: I believe the off side rule is you have to.. If you're scoring there has to be a defender in front of you.

C: Not bad. You're half way there. (Chris explains)

C: I know my little Zac friend. I know you want to have a go at flying fruit through the window. Don't you?

I: I'll open the window.

T: You have to explain this. You started this.

C: I did. I start everything. Everything is my fault you know that don't you?

(Zac aiming out window)

Z: Ike, Out! Move!

T: I don't think he can aim that well. (Zac shoots it out the window-Everyone claps and yells)

C: Try and get it into the Thames. Go on off you go. Go on my son! (Drum roll.. everyone yelling 'Go on'. Then you see the window is closing)

T: NO! The window is closing. (Zac shoots anyway. The fruit hits the closed window. Everyone applaudes)

C: So listen you're the drummer of the band.

Z: Yes!

C: So do you ever swap instruments. Do you ever have a go? Do they give you a go on the keyboards or the guitar?

T: Actually we…Sometimes we do.. No I mean…

C: I was asking Zac.

T:  Ok.. Cause he's the man.

C: I can see you're covering for Zac.

Z: Sometimes. It's not very often that we switch..

T: Switch instruments during the show..

C: (To Zac) See you're being very kind what you're saying it's not very often that they let you out in the front!


I: Um. Actually no..

T: Ok wait.. wait..! He's asking him let him ask..

I: Yeah that's..Ok..ok.

Z: No no.. If I wanted to come out you know I'll just come out and beat them (pretends to elbow Taylor) BOOP!

C: Cause I saw you in rehearsals and you were stuck at the back and I could not believe how good you were on the drums. You are very strong… I mean I saw you on TV when you were just a child and you're 12 now.

I: (laughing)

C: And this is what he did to some drumsticks… Where are they? (looks around)

T: Yeah where are they? He broke two drumsticks.

C: (Still looking) He broke two drumsticks .. Where are they? Have they been..?

I: He broke two in the last rehearsals.

C: I think somebody has cleared them away thinking they were rubbish. These were like actual broken drum..(still looking) er..Who's nicked them?

T: Really Broken sticks??

C: Yeah Zac .. You broke two.

Z: Yeah.. yeah I do that sometimes.

C: Yeah while you're Rat-a-tat-tin-tun-tin

Z: Yeah..What you said!   

C: Now listen when you are in a middle of a song. People might not believe it's you playing on the drums. They might not.

Z: Well.. They if they know the show very well then..

T: Well you see this drum is set out right handed.. (Pointing to mini drum set.)

C: It does not matter just do a rump pum pum

T: He's a left handed.

C: Ok well I can change it round for him quickly. (Zac and Chris and Taylor get up to move the drums)

T: What exactly is this? (pointing to a certain cymbal)

C: This is sort of a low hat.. I know you are used to high hats but this is a low hat..

I: (laughs)


C: I don't know what I'm saying really. I'm just trying to join in!

(Everyone laughs)

T: So are you going to play with him?

C: NO.. What..We've only got one set of drums..

Z: No. One stick!

C: But you're good at this.

Z: No..NO.

C: But you're good at this.. though!

Z: You play one stick I play the other.

C: Ok go on. What do I have to do?

(Zac starts playing then laughs)

T: No no no. (Stops them)

C: No no?

(Takes drumstick from Chris)

C: Oh musical director taking over here.

T: I'm the director here (waves stick around like a conductor)

C: Go on you show us what to do. (To Zac)

T: It's rhythm (gives stick to Zac)

(Zac starts drumming)

Z:(stops) But this set is..too small!

C: Don't worry just go for it man. I know you can do it.

(Zac plays)

C: Beautiful.

T: That was awesome.

(Zac giggles and does whatever he did again)

C: One more round all the way around.

(Zac taps each drum once)


C: He's saving himself for the show.. I know I know I know..

I: He's playing with your mind.

C: I know. You write a lot of your songs and you sing your songs. One thing you do on every TV show and I've seen you first on CBS this morning or whatever it's called in America. And you do the little acapella version of Mmmbop which I know all the girls and boys want to hear. And if you did that today I would be more-MORE than greatful sir.

I: Alright.

T: Shows how spontaneous this is.. You know these mics are just sitting on these desks.

C: I know we've rehearsed it but never mind.

(Crowd yells)

(Taylor tunes them with an 'Mmmbop' And audience claps)

C: Alright Hanson! Guys thank you very much indeed. And now very breifly um, You may have heard of the Spice Girls of course.. And you know one of the Spice Girls has left, Ginger Spice..

I: No.. She is not joining.

C: What?

I: No she is not joining the band.

T: She is not joining the band. (slams hands on table)

C: She was looking from a gig somewhere. Well I mean obviously you are going to stay together for quite some time…Cause you're still very young aren't you?

I: Yeah.

C: I mean how old are you?

I: I'm 17.

C: Taylor?

T: 17, 15 and 12.

C: 17,15 and 12 and you're still.. you don't you so school comes with you.

I: yeah.

T: We bring the entire building with us.

C: They brought 27 people to the show with them.

I: We brought our whole class yeah.

C: So have you had a lesson today?

T: We're on summer vacation right now.

C: OOHH!! DOH! So your teachers are not here right now?

T:  Well our parents are our teachers. They travel with us when we are supposed to be doing school. We're out. (Taylor and Isaac give the 'It rocks' sign)

I: Oh yeah!

C: But you're gonna be around for a while now?

T: In Europe?

C: No just.. around generally are you going to be around?

I: Yeah I mean..

Z: If you buy the record.

I: If you buy the record we will.

(Someone in the audience yells.. 'We will')

C: Ok Record is out next week. Are you going to play for us now? And watch this guy on the drums he is unbelievsble. Thinking of You. BUY HANSON! Thank you very much guys.