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"Top of the Pops" (3 Car Garage)

Top of the Pops 3 Car Garage: Independent Years (1995-1996)

1. Style of music:

Isaac: They're tracks we released independently in the States before we had a record deal.

Zac: There's some slow stuff and some happy stuff but even the songs you've heard before on Middle of Nowhere will sound different.

Taylor: I don't think I could choose a favorite track, but I love performing 'Stories'. It's the sort of thing you'd listen to when you've fallen out with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Which Singles Are On It? Back To Hanson World:

Taylor: 'MMMBop', but in it's original state - which, of course, was recorded in a garage.

Zac: 'I'll Be Thinking Of You' is also on it, that'll be our next single.

Anything Else to Watch out For?

Isaac: 'Soldier' is a good one. I got the idea for writing it when I was reading The Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Anderson to our little sisters and brother. It's a folky kinda song.

Taylor: And 'Surely As the Sun' is a classic Isaac ballad - he wrote that on the piano.

Zac: 'With You in Your Dreams' is one of my favorites too, we dedicated that to our Grandma when she died a couple of years ago.

Taylor: Basically, there's something for everyone on this album. It's Hanson: The Early Days, and even though we wrote the songs in our garage, you could only fit one car in it not three!