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*TOTP- Hanson Devils*

Hanson spend most of their time doing grown-up work stuff like attending showbiz parties, but there’s nothing they love more than running riot at home!

TOTP: We know that you’re fans of paintballing in the house. Don’t Mom and Dad get annoyed?

ZAC: (Thoughtful silence) Nah, they don’t mind, we clean up afterwards..

TAY: Yeah. but it does cause chaos in the house - we like, kinda take over and cause mayhem.

IKE: Can you imagine what it’s like when we’re all running around at home with our brother, sisters and all our friends? It’s never quiet!

TOTP: Have you ever had a food fight?

ALL: No!

TAY: We like eating it too much - we all have really unhealthy diets, actually....

IKE: We love spicy food, like we’ll make toasted bagels, put really hot chilli on them followed by cream cheese and....

ZAC: Or you can take an Oreo and dip it in hot spicy sauce. (mmmmm, there's some good eatin'....)

TAY: um, actually only Zac does that!

TOTP: Taylor, do you still throw tomatoes at girls?

TAY: Ha, ha! No! When I was little I couldn’t care less about girls - but I wouldn't have thrown tomatoes at anyone. I used to love tomatoes and I’d go round chanting ‘tomato head, tomato head!’ at people. If I saw a large person I’d shout ‘Big tomato man!’ (HAHAHA! now that's hilarious...)

TOTP: Do you ever scare each other with spooky pranks?

TAY: Well, we recorded our last album in a big old spooky house in England and we went exploring. We didn’t play pranks but we found these hidden rooms...

IKE: Yeah, there were hidden doors in the basement.

ZAC: We took our babysitter down there and she was like ‘There could be a mummy or something in here!’ (BABYSITTER?....)

TOTP: You’re a very active band, don’t you ever get tired of running riot and being pop stars?

TAY: No! None of us get tired of it...

ZAC: If we were fed up with working hard we might stop doing interviews for a while and relax.

IKE: We pace it. There are only 24 hours in a day.

ZAC: Actually, there are 28!

TAY: No, there aren’t!

ZAC: Hey, if we moved to Alaska it would be light all day for half the year and we’d never have to go to bed!