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*TOTP Lottery*

What's the first thing you're going to buy when the money comes rolling in?

Taylor: (Frowning) Now that's a difficult question cause the money thing doesn't really matter to us.

Zac: It's not important...

Taylor: I guess we'll put it into buying more musical equipment. We'd like to build a studio so we could produce our own stuff as much as possible.

Isaac: Just because you earn a bit of money doesn't mean you have to buy a gigantoid (?) house and fast cars. We'll probably put most of it in the bank. I'm sure we'll have better uses for it when we grow older.

What's your favorite toy?

I: We collect a lot of Legos. We have tons of the stuff. We store it in tupperware boxes and we're always in search of more bricks to add to our collection.

T: But Legos have added so many new pieces it's hard to keep up.

Z: I'd love to go to Legoland.

What's your favorite school subject?

Z: Math! I like literature too - it's a toss-up between them.

T: We all love literature!

I: I think it's really neat to read about history-type stuff. We've been reading about that guy Winston Churchill since we've been in England. History is cool and when we're on tour in Europe we get to see all the things we'd normally only read about.

Do you think you'll ever cut your hair?

I: What a weird question!

T: It's just hair! That's all we have to say on the matter, it's just hair.

I: I'm actually going to have my hair cut a bit before we shoot our next video. It's getting a little too long.

T: It's getting VERY long, Isaac!

I: But I've had very short hair before.

T: For a long time we had short, layered hair. Who knows, we could have it shaved off one day!

What do you reckon you'll be doing five years from now?

T: Reckon? Is that an English thing to say?


T: (in funny voice) What do reckon? What do you reckon? Ha, WOOWEE!


No, do my accent, Taylor..

T: (really quiet and in an English accent) What do you reckon...

(all laugh)

T: No, this is Secrets and Lies.... 'What do you'll be doin... five years from now...' (in his Secrets and Lies accent)

(All laugh)

I: That's actually really good...

T: Hopefully, (laughs) hopefully we'll be doing music in five years, ten years and for the rest of our lives! I think we wanna always be the band...

Z: We always want to be in the band and perform on stage, but if anything else comes along, such as directing and producing movies, we'd always be interested.

T: Yeah, we always wanna be the band..

Who's the naughtiest of the three?

(Isaac and Taylor both look at Zac who's throwing balls all around the room.)

I: It's Za... Well no, actually Zac isn't the naughtiest.

T: Well, we're really not that naughty but I'd say we all have our moments. Zac is crazy, he's definitely the most active.

I: During interviews I act really laid-back, but in real life I'm actually pretty wacko. I'm a bit of a party animal.

(Zac goes wild and starts screaming - "next question!" )

Do you fly in the posh bit of planes?

T: We fly first, business and economy classes. We don't really mind either way. We just mess around and play games, draw, write - anything to pass the time.

How romantic are you?

T: Yuck! Now that question is gross.

I: Well, as the readers will know, I like writing letters. As well as Taylor once throwing a letter I'd written to a girl into a fountain, he also finished off a letter I'd written to a girl who was just a friend. My bit said, "Hope all's well with you," and so on, but Taylor ended it by writing, " I need you desperately!" (hahaha)

Have you ever been mistaken for a girl?

All three: Yes!

I: Numerous of times, especially Zac cause he's the youngest.

Z: I have a good friend, a girl who looks exactly like me and has my length blonde hair.

T: People come over to her with autograph books saying, "Hey Zac, can you sign this for me?"

I: She's from a family of three girls who are my age, Taylor's age and Zac's age. I suppose...

T: ...Yuk! They don't all look like us, do they? That would be too spooky!

I: No, they don't all look like us. If they did they'd be the ugliest girls ever!

What's the most embarrassing moment you've had on stage?

Z: I'm probably the most embarrasing thing on stage!

I: We once stopped a potential embarrassment when, 15 minutes before we went on stage, we realized we'd forgotten to bring the power lead for the keyboard. It would have taken an hour to drive back to our house, so ouur mom decided she would drive to a nearby music store instead. They ended up lending her a whole keyboard cause they didn't have a replacement lead!

How do you stay calm in front of a huge audience?

T: A lot of the time we screw up but the audience never knows.

I: We're our own worst critics though. Just ask photographers when we're approving photos of ourselves - we're terrible!

Describe your dream date scenario?

I: If you were on a date with someone you really liked, it wouldn't matter where you were or what you did.

T: I think it'd matter if you were driving your date somewhere and your car broke down in a mud puddle in freezing weather - and there was a moose on the road. (hehe)

I: I could find a harness and tie it around the moose!

How important are looks when it comes to having a successful pop career?

I: I don't think looks matter.

Z: They aren't important so long as you have a good song. I mean, you might not get girls or something but...

T: When it comes down to it you lose your looks and all you have left is records.

Have you ever had a fight?

I: I got into a fist fight once because a guy picked on Tay. He was a friend and he threw Taylor against a wall and made his nose bleed. I was really mad. He wasn't a friend after that. (awwwww)

T: We haven't really fought with any of our good friends. We fight with each other every once in a while, but we're not too bad.

Z: We hit each other with pillows. Our fights don't last long.

What's the girlfriend situation at the moment? (ok this is about the millionth time they've been asked this- THEY DON'T HAVE THEM!!! My gosh.) :)

I: We don't have girlfriends. Never have, and...

Z: (Shouts) ...Never will!

I: (Laughing) No, we'll definitely have girlfriends in the future but I think that'll work itself out.

Z: I want to be single always...

I: I mean, I suppose we're always looking...

T: We're always looking, but we're not looking for girlfriends.

Who's the most famous person you've met during your pop career?

I: Wow, um, that's tricky.

Z: The only famous people we've met are the Spice Girls. They were really nice.

I: (Laughing) Geri is nearly as tall as Zac, but when she wears her platforms she comes up to Taylor's shoulders.

Z: I didn't find Scary Spice that scary, but she's very energetic!