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*TOTP Radio-2*

T: We're playing London…What date are we playing?

I: er..Tu..

DJ: Tuesday.

I: Yeah Tuesday..Great!

T: Tuesday yeah.. Coming up on Tuesday.. Wembley Stadium.

I: Wembley no Wembley Arena.

T: Wembley Stadium.

I: Wembley Arena.

T: Wembley Stadium.

I: Wembley Arena.

T: Wembley Stadium… I don't know. It's one of those. There's two Wemblies aren't there? You see I'm confused.

DJ: One's huge and One's big.

T: I don't know.

I: Yeah one's massive.

DJ:  One's 10,000 and the other one's a million.

T: OK, well a!

Z: Are you completely sure about that?

DJ: It's a million perhaps two million.

T: TWO million wow!

DJ: But you're touring with Bewitched as well?

T: Actually.. that ..they might have been playing with us. But I think that's changed now.

DJ: urgh.

T: I guess they had that no.1 song don't they? Aren't they on this show, actually?

DJ: They are here now!

T: Oh they are?

DJ: And they are looking forward to meeting you.

T&I: Cool.

I: We'll be looking forward to meeting them then.

DJ: They've got funny accents.

T: (laughs) They do?

DJ: Yeah.. they've…

T: A lot like yours sort of?

I: (bursts out laughing)

DJ: Like mine?

T: (laughs) Oh no!  Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! (hehe, gotta stop thinking out loud, Tay!)