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*TOTP September*

HANSON -Tells it like it is:

When you're a trio of young, hairy pop stars all sorts of nonsense is written about you.ZAC, TAYLOR and ISAAC set us straight...

So, what's all this about you having loads of cash and flying around to all your gigs in a private jet?

T: Well, that's garbage. We all still share a small bedroom, we're not spoiled and we don't have loads of money...

Z: ...and the private jet thing? We hired a private jet ONCE because we had to fly to New York to do a special photo shoot there...

I: ...yeah, and we had to go somewhere else straight away, that's why. We fly normally the rest of the time, we even fly economy sometimes!

OK, but what about you being so busy at this pop star lark that you don't keep up with your lessons?

T: um, no, we always fit in our lessons. Our parents teach us, so if we're doing a TV show or a promo shoot we have to put a certain amount of time into our studies!

I: We have a separate maths tutor (All three laugh)

Z: He only shows up when he feels like it!

Is that good or bad?

I: um, I think it's good. We still have to do math, though.

We've heard that you've all been swamped with movie offers since your success.

I: The thing is, now that people have seen us, everyone has an idea about what they want us to do.

T: Everyone under the sun has an idea about us.

Z: I don't know if I'd like to make a movie or not.

I: I think being in the band and doing what we're doing now is the main thing but, who knows, in the future we may want to be in the movies... It's an interest of ours. We enjoy acting and we love writing stories.

T: But we haven't got time to do anything else at the moment. We're looking forward to directing our own videos soon, though-that's definitely in the pipeline.

It sounds like there's more to Hanson than just writing songs and performing...

I: Oh yeah, we like to be involved with everything...

T: Yeah, we're starting to take a laptop computer everywhere with us and connect it to the internet so we can keep in contact with our fans. It's cool...

I: We can't wait to get on the internet. Zac drew a picture of a UFO because in our song Man from Milwaukee, the man is really from Mars. Anyway, we can make the UFO move around the screen and everything. What do you say to people who suggest that your parents pushed you into having music careers?

I: That's garbage...

T: There was no pressure on us at all. In fact, it was us who wanted to perform. We'd been singing around the house for a long time and one day our mom said, "Guys there's a local festival happening. I have a friend who works there, would you like to audition?" and we all shouted "Yeah!"

Z: It was obvious to our parents that we all loved singing right from the start!