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*TOTP Hanson Christmas*


OK, so it might be chaos in your house at Christmas - but imagine what a house full of HANSONS and their relatives would be like! Welcome to Christmas according to ISAAC, TAYLOR and ZAC...

Is it hot or cold in Tulsa at Christmas?

ZAC: Well, every once in a while we get snow. But its more kinda like slush.

IKE: (Adopting weatherman voice) Tulsa has interesting weather cause we're in the middle of the States! We often get big cold fronts that come in from Colorado.

TAY: Yeah, and then all of a sudden it'll be warm. Its been boiling on Christmas Day loads of times in Tulsa.

ZAC: But, but BUT...

TAY: Yeah, OK Zac, yeah. sometimes it'll be freezing, its like you go out and...

ZAC: Its 85 degrees one day but the next day it could be 15!

IKE: Hey guys, thats a little extreme. Lets just say its generally quite cold!

- TOTP: Have you ever had a White Christmas?

ZAC: (Starts singing at the top of his lungs) I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!!!

IKE: Thats what everyone wishes for but I don't think we've had one. It does snow but not usually on Christmas Day.

- TOTP: Do you go sledding when it does snow?

ALL: Yeah!

TAY: We live on a really big hill so we go sledging all the time. We have the really fast ones - they're made of plastic, not like those old-fashioned wooden ones.

ZAC: Unfortunately we've split most of them in half though. We're like 'Aaah, I'm gonna fall through!'

IKE: Luckily, we haven't broken any bones yet - but Taylor once broke his arm going downhill on his bike.

- TOTP: So, do you Hansons go in for a Traditional Christmas?

IKE: Oh, no, I'd say we have a really untraditional Christmas! But we do really get into totally decorating the house.

ZAC: We have like, massive decorations in our house. They're huge!

TAY: Our living room is right in the middle of our house and it has really high ceilings. So we get bows and huge greenery and arch them all around.

ZAC: And last year we had a huge tree. Actually, we have a huge tree every year, at least ten feet high!

- TOTP: Do you sing around the piano at Christmas?

TAY: Not the piano exactly, but our house is extremely musical so we're almost always blasting music out. Some people have a bit of music in the background but...

ZAC: With our house its like, if youre watching the TV you have to feel like you're actually 'in' the TV - which means you have to have it on full blast.

TAY: Just like the stereo!

ZAC: Everything is loud in the Hanson household, especially at Christmas.

- TOTP: So, whats for Christmas dinner at the Hanson house then?

TAY: Well, its usually Christmas Eve when we have a proper Christmas dinner. We get together with all our family - we have loads of cousins, aunts and uncles - and have a huge dinner. We have turkey and stuff.

ZAC: But we don't have Christmas puddings like you guys do! We tried one once when we'd finished recording Snowed In - it was delicious!

IKE: We do the whole traditional thing one Christmas Eve, get that out of the way and then we have Christmas Day to do our stuff - you know, like concentrate on our presents!

TOTP: You don't have a turkey roast on Christmas Day?

IKE: Not usually, we used to go to our Grandma's for Christmas dinner and she would cook amazing turkey dinners and huge cherry pies.

TAY: But since she died we've celebrated at our house - all our family comes around. Christmas Day is just a big party but we don't eat traditional food.

ZAC: We have like pizza, baked beans and stuff!

TAY: One year we even had Chinese food! The most important thing to us is that we all get together and play with our presents!

TOTP: um, presents seem to play a large part in the Hanson Christmas. What's on your lists this year?

ZAC: Motorbikes! Actually all I have on my list this year is a motorcycle! It's for my birthday and Christmas! That's what I want!

TAY: Yeah! We want motorcycles! In Oklahoma there's a lot of land where you can go and ride around in the field. We wanna get dirtbikes!

TOTP: Are you always given the gifts you ask for?

TAY: Last year we got just about everything we wanted!

ZAC: But you're always going to get at least one thing you asked for!

IKE: I'm putting some more Nerf guns on my list this year! They're these toy guns that your fire foam balls and paint from. They're so much fun!

TAY: We've been through hundreds of them but they break easily. All our friends come over and we have huge Nerf wars in the living room.

IKE: Yeah, we pull all the cushions off the sofa and make barricades. It's awesome. We cause chaos in the house!

TOTP: What time do all of you get up on Christmas morning?

ZAC: As early as possible!

TAY: Yeah, but our parents are always asleep for ever - until about nine. They never get up early enough. And we have to wait around until they come downstairs and all the family are there before we can open our presents.

IKE: We have our gifts downstairs around the tree. But the thing is we're really good at figuring out our presents before Christmas Day.

TAY: Generally by the time Christmas comes we know every single thing we've been given!

ZAC: We shake the boxes to find out! We can always tell what's what!

TOTP: Do you buy presents for each of your brothers and sisters?

ZAC: Generally well team up and buy a present from all of us. And we'll write on the tag that it's from the whole family or from Santa.

IKE: We often have a much better idea about what each other wants than mom and dad do. So, I'll try and find out what Taylor would really like, then I'll go with my mom and dad to get it.

TAY: Yeah, and when we're given presents we share them anyway because we share a bedroom.

TOTP: Isn't it a bit crowded in your room when you all have your new toys?

IKE: Well, our room is pretty small! It does get a bit squashed with all three of us and our toys, clothes and stuff in it.

TAY: We're going to have to think of a way to rearrange our room because we haven't been home for about three months - we'll come back and it'll seem really small compared to hotel rooms.

ZAC: We're all squished in there - its full of Lego castles - and we'll get more Legos this year too!

IKE: Yep, we only use our room to sleep and build Legos in! We have a school room where we keep our TV and computer games. We're either in there or in our studio downstairs.

TAY: The worst thing is that our baby brother Mackie shares our parent's room but he's probably gonna move in with us once Mom has her baby.

ZAC: Oh no! He'll be like YAK lak balak. (keeps talking)

TOTP: What do you consider to be your best ever Christmas presents?

ZAC: Last year was the best year because...

TAY: We asked for these huge remote control cars and a remote control motorcycle. They're this big! (holds hands out as far as he can)

IKE: Taylor's exaggerating, they weren't that big. We ended up with five remote control cars and they caused chaos. It was awesome.

Extra feature:

If you're in the Hanson House at Christmas beware of..

Taylor stoking the fire (?!)

TAY: One time I was messing with the fire and I was trying to make the flames bigger so I hit this log and this huge coal thing flew out on the carpet! I was trying to get it off but it burnt a huge hole!

ZAC: Its OK though, we have a chair over it now, We couldn't hide it from our parents, they walked in just as we were trying to get it off the rug!

IKE: Actually, we're all pyromaniacs!

Their remote control cars

IKE: We were playing with our remote control cars in a parking lot last year and the battery on mine died. It started rolling down a slope and then all of a sudden we saw this other remote control car coming out at speed and it just went CRASH!


IKE: Hmmm, we actually rebuilt the car and it kept going for about two months but then it died.

ZAC: (pretends to cry) OUR LITTLE CAAAARRR!

Lending them your Barbie Doll

TAY: Last year we dressed a Barbie doll up as an angel and stuck her on top of the tree. It looked a bit painful for her, ha ha! (hehehe)

IKE: Hey, it wasn't our Barbie you know! It was Avery's!

ZAC: We were like, 'Hey Avery, Merry Christmas - go try and get your Barbie.'

IKE: The girls have loads of Barbies so they didn't mind us borrowing one. It looked really cool, actually pretty creative....