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*Z100 Interview*

(Cubby is the interviewer from the radio station)

Cubby:Hey,it's Paul "Cubby" Bryant hanging out with the boys from Hanson. And to prove I'm here with Hanson,you are?




-All laugh-

Cubby:You're messing me up here.Now,I gotta ask you the one question everyone asks--Hey! Remember me??Do you remember me?

Tay:Yeah,we've.....we've met a few times.

Ike:I think you were at Paramus,you were the guy who said...uhh...uuh..'Do you know these guys?' "

Tay: That was not a good idea.

Ike:Not a good idea,that...that was very bad actually! It was painful to the ears...hello?!

Cubby:That was 6,000 people-Paramus mall back in May. I'm like 'hey,you ever heard of these guys before?' I thought it was a line for Cinnabun! When I showed up there,but it was actually there to see you.'s it going?

Ike:Ah,man,Cinnabun musta been real popular then!

Taylor says something.....

Ike:Yeah,I'd get in line for Cinnabun-they're good.

Cubby:So compare what happened since May and now here in December.

Zac:....was very sugary and sweet.With kind of white...


Zac:(continuing) icing...

Cubby:Wait,I just heard something.Is that your beeper going off? (To Taylor)


Cubby:Who here from Hanson has a beeper?


Ike:No one,there's a rumor that Taylor has a teal beeper that he wears all the time in his back pocket.

Cubby says something to Zac, but means it for Taylor. He messed up the names.

Zac:No,I'm not Taylor...

Ike:(In backround) That's Zac!


Cubby: Do you do that a lot? Mess with people's heads?

Tay:Zac does it a lot. It's his talent.

Cubby:By the way, great little show there on ABC.

Tay:Thanks! Thanks a lot!

Cubby:"Snowed In",buy the CD "Snowed In"

Tay:Yeah,yeah that's the new Christmas album, so that's cool.

Cubby:How excited are you about tonight? Madison Square Garden tonight. 2,000 screaming people.

Ike:It's gonna be awesome.I mean there's some incredible groups out also... I mean, just, uhh, everybody under the sun basically. Fiona Apple, The Wallflowers, Aerosmith, Lisa Loeb, yeah just about everybody.


Cubby:Go ahead,tell New York everything you want to say on your mind. Tell Z100's listening audience-make sure you put Z100 in it-


Tay:What's on my mind...

Zac:Um, yeah, everything that's on my mind.

Ike:Yeah, because, uh, you're listening to Z100 and this is Hanson.

Tay:Cool, well, check us out tonight. It'll be awesome!

Cubby:And who's stripping naked tonight on stage?

Tay:(To Isaac)I thought it was you,wasn't it?

Ike:Yeah,I'll do that.

Cubby:(To audience)for you...

Ike:Yeah,actually,I'll close my eyes and run..

-All laugh-

Cubby:Haha, okay. Hanson,we love you man!

Tay:THANKS A LOT MAN!!!!!!!!!