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Last Updated: September 5, 1998

Where is Hanson? :

New York. (Concert tonight!)

Next Concert Stop:

September 8:

Cuyahoga Falls.

hehehe... (sorry, we couldn't resist...)

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You're in the world of the hottest new band around! Sometimes the overwhelming talent and determination of this group can get a little TOO hot to handle. Turn on the fan:

Hanson Fans Unite! The bus to Tulsa stops here, don't forget your carry-ons!

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This is a brand new page dedicated to the talented trio from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who we've all come to know as....

A Little Announcement:

If you came to this site to figure out Hanson's favorite ice-cream flavor or to get the scoop on why they don't have girlfriends, then...


That's their business!

Welcome to:

Sorry, we can't tell you what color underwear they wear, but does it REALLY matter? As Hanson say themselves, "It's all about the music."

Don't get us wrong, we think that Hanson is the best band on Earth, but it's not their looks (or color underwear) that got them signed - It's their talent. (And boy, do they have a lot....) Here, you'll find rare articles, interviews, contests, up to date info, lyrics, reviews, and much MOrE. Have fun!

Click around, explore the lands, and have fun, after all, IT'Z HANSON WORLD!

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Please go here! It's important...

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-=Quote of the Day=-

"We're bad actors, let's put it that way, you know... you don't want to see us act." - Zac Hanson

(The Chicago press conference at Planet Hollywood)

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You are not alone! You are the very cool person to visit Hanson World since August 6, 1998. WOOHOO!
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