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You're in the world of the hottest new band around! Sometimes the overwhelming talent and determination of this group can get a little TOO hot to handle. Turn on the fan:

You are now in Hanson World...

(The following web site and all of its entire content is Copyright protected 1998 Liz Bernstein, Misty Hudek. All Rights Reserved.)

This whole world is dedicated to Hanson. They deserve much more than a webpage, but this is what we came up with...

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A Little Announcement:

If you came to this site to figure out Hanson's favorite ice-cream flavor or to get the scoop on why they don't have girlfriends, then...


That's their business!

Welcome to:

Hanson World: A cure for the common Hanson page.

Sorry, we can't tell you what color underwear they wear, but does it REALLY matter? As Hanson say themselves, "It's all about the music."

Don't get us wrong, we think that Hanson is the best band on Earth, but it's not their looks (or color underwear) that got them signed - It's their talent. (And boy, do they have a lot....) Here, you'll find rare articles, interviews, contests, up to date info, lyrics, reviews, and much MOrE. Have fun!

Click around, explore the lands, and have fun, after all, IT'Z HANSON WORLD!

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=NEW= We have a brand new contest goin'... If you think you know where Johnny went, tell us! The person who comes up with the most ORIGINAL idea will win... Email your idea to us at Hanson-World@juno.com.

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