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More Coming Soon - For now, you can do one of the following:

*If you have met Hanson, send us your story! (along with a picture) if you don't have proof, though, we can't post it. Sorry!

*Are you a Hanson FREAK? Then enter our "Thinking of Hanson Contest" So if you have made your own wallpaper with hanson posters, tons of merchandise, etc, and you feel that you have a chance of beating out all of the other entries, then send us pictures of your Hanson-Hall-Of-Fameness. (All your Hanson stuff - please don't send us pictures of JUST posters!) We will have 3 top winners. Email us ( ) telling us that you want to enter and we'll send you an address to send your pics. (Or you can send them via email) Good Luck, guys. :D

Hurry and send in your entries, and make us "Speechless." We want to see your "Pictures" (on the wall, pictures everywhere.....).

*Good Luck!*

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