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This whole world is dedicated to Hanson. They deserve much more than a webpage, but this is what we came up with...

A Little Announcement:

If you came here to figure out Hanson's favorite ice-cream flavor or to get the scoop on why they don't have girlfriends, then...


That's their business!

Welcome to

Sorry, we can't tell you what color underwear they wear, but does it REALLY matter? As Hanson say themselves, "It's all about the music."

Don't get us wrong, we think that Hanson is the best band on Earth, but it's not their looks (or color underwear) that got them signed - It's their talent. (And boy, do they have a lot....) Here, you'll find rare articles, interviews, contests, up to date info, lyrics, reviews, surveys, links, and much MOrE. So, click around, explore the lands, and have fun, after all, IT'Z HANSON WORLD!

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Hanson is going to be hosting Total Request this Wednesday (November 11th) and we MUST get MMMBop on the show! Please vote! Thanks!

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-=Quote of the Day=-

"You are my 10,000 roses, and then I let you go..." - Madeline , Hanson

Last Updated: November 6, 1998.

-Hanson's live album ( Live From Albertane ) and live video (The Road to Albertane) are now out!-

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Hanson World: inhabitants. Began August 6, 1998 A.H. (After Hanson)