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=if you do this....=

:If you do this, well then, you're a tad bit weird... Actually, there really isn't a point to this page, but we were bored, so hey....:

-=You think that "Titanic" was a take-off of the "River" video.=-

-=Your Social Studies teacher starts talking about Zachary Taylor, and you think it's a Hanson fanclub. (Wow! Social Studies FINALLY got interesting, huh?)=-

-=Your Mom's best friend's daughter knows someone who's dad's co-worker know a guy who once saw a woman walking down the street who once shook hands with someone who worked at McDonald's who's boss's mom's friend's dad's kid knew someone who knew Hanson's producer, and you consider this connections.=-

-=You don't understand why Hanson don't hold seats on the Senate.=-

-=You think that the National Anthem should be replaced with MMMBop.=-

-=You think that there should be Hanson dolls. (God, NO!)=-

-=You think that you've just found a constellation in the shape of a Hanson symbol.=-

-=You drink 3 gallons of milk every day, because Hanson says that 8 out of 10 of us don't get enough calcium, so if Hanson wants you to drink 3 glasses, then isn't 3 GALLONS even better?=-

-=The phrase "Hanson for President" runs through your mind constantly... and your serious...=-

-=You looked in the dictionary under "Hanson", and gosh darn it, what's the matter with these poeple, it's not there!=-

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