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*FLASH!* Zac is made of Flubber! Click here!

*Hanson will be hosting Total Request on Wednesday, November 11th. PLEASE VOTE FOR MMMBOP!!! PLEASE! :) (please, oh please, oh pretty please with a cherry on top....and with whipped cream...and- okay nevermind...)

*Hanson makes their third appearance on the late night talk show, "The Late Show" with David Letterman on Nov 9 to announce the release of their new live record "Live From Albertane". Hanson will be playing a song from the new record.

*Hanson is on the "Rosie O'Donell show" on Nov. 10. Hanson will be on the show to play a new original song off their live record "Live From Albertane". This will be the third time on this show.

*Hanson will appear on "The Howie Mandel Show" on Nov. 11. The band talks with Howie and plays a song from their new record. Also Hanson talk with a mystery fan. (??)

*Go here for the first transcript on Yahoo! chat with Hanson in July. Go here for the second transcript on November 2nd.

*Well, the Albertane Tour (aka the "Energizer Tour." It keeps going and going and going...) is now over, and Hanson is heading back to the studios. Their new album should surface sometime in '99 (most likely summer). Isaac says, "There will be differences in the record because there are different songs on it." "You'll definitely be able to tell that it's Hanson, but it will be different."

*There will be a live chat with Hanson on November 10. For more info, visit Yahoo!.

*Hanson's tour video, The Road to Albertane and live album, Live From Albertane with footage from the Albertane Tour are now out! On the video, each song is clipped together from different performances along the tour. The album was recorded live in Seattle. (Producer- Hanson and Elliot Shiner)

*Go here to become a part of the official Hanson club on Yahoo!

*Not too long ago, Hanson was at Planet Hollywood in Chicago. If you missed it, go here to listen and watch it! (All 12 minutes and 15 seconds!) You can also find a lot more here, like voting for Hanson or Manson, pictures, sound wavs, bios and tons more. (Linked through Hansonline)

*Everyone PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR HANSON for MTV's Total Request. You can call 1-800-DIAL-MTV, email them at, or go here to vote. They really appreciate your support!

*Hanson appearance on  "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" on the Cartoon Network sometime soon.

*Hanson made an appearance on FANatic! It was very cool, their fan was a 19 year old guy, and he seemed really cool, too. (Filmed at Chicago's "The World" where they performed later that night.... WE WERE THERE!)

*Hanson made a surprise appearance at the HORDE Festival  on Aug-11-98 at VA Beach! Hanson and  Blues Traveler performed Mmmbop TOGETHER, and John Popper (lead singer of Blues Traveler) played a special Haronica solo. That's so cool! :)

*Hanson has music out on film! Read this taken from MTV News Gallery:

"While Hanson's tour winds its way across the U.S., the group's music can also be heard on a new video that arrives in stores this week.

The video, titled "Wheels: An Inline Story," comes from three young filmmakers who, like Hanson, are brothers. Danny (15), Nick (18), and Brandon Klein (19) are Americans living in London with their parents. The brothers taped some European inline hotshots and have built a fictional story around those action sequences." -end-

*At the end of the film, "The Borrowers" while the credits are rolling "Weird" is being played.

*Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, Aimmee payed $16,000 to get concert tickets, backstage passes, and "socializing" with Hanson at the City of Hope charity auction in Los Angeles. Staff says that she "bidded furiously" with another person to win. (Now don't you wish you had that kind of money to spend on Hanson tickets?) :)

*Watch for a Hanson appearance in the Ringo Starr music video called "La De Da"

*Hanson has starred in an Eggo waffles commercial.... They were also on the boxes for eggo waffles and Pop Tarts.

*Admiral Twin was Hanson's opening act for The Albertane Tour. (Psst! They're really good!) For more about them, visit The Admiral Twin Site


~A REVIEW PAGE~ If you have ever been to a Hanson concert or a live performance of any kind, we wanna hear about it! Send us a detailed review at Was it Good? Bad? (Of course how in the WORLD could it be bad if it was Hanson?) Thanks so much! We'll be putting our review up soon about the shows in Chicago and the show in Milwaukee. If you send us your review, we'll put it up for everyone to see, (with your consent) along with your name and email address.

~HAVE YOU MET HANSON?~ If you are one of the luckier of the crowd who has gotten a chance to Hanson, PLEASE send us a copy of a picture or anything that is proof. If you don't have proof, save it for the dreams/fiction section. (Without proof, we can't post it!) If you want to send us a picture email us at for our addresses, and after we scan it, (as long as you say it's okay to put it on our page) we'll send you back the picture, but you should make a copy of it just in case it somehow gets lost in the mail. OR if you have a scanner, we'll just take it off of the net...

That's all for now....More exciting things coming up in an MMMBop!

A lot of the news we get is from Hansonline. Go there for more updates and a lot of really cool official stuff...

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