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~IKE~ "We've flown the Concord many times. And this lady comes up to me and goes, 'Excuse me Sir, Would you like some caviar?' I'm going, 'First of all, I don't like caviar. Second of all, it's eight o'clock in the FREAKIN morning, for the love of God!'" (This is one of the best....)

~ZAC~ (about fans) "The thing is, they can't really love you because they don't really know you. They're more in love with the music, I guess you could say-" ~TAY~ (interrupts) "No, All we have to say is- We love you, too!"

~ZAC~ (After being asked what they would did to celebrate their number one single) "We got wasted backstage." ~TAY~ "Yeah, we got wasted on Dr. Pepper..."

~TAY~ "Students who- I'm just-" (makes a face) ~ZAC~ "Stu- Oh, that is weird." ~IKE~ "Why Wha-?" ~ZAC~ "I don't know." ~TAY~ "I don't know." ~IKE~ "Okay....GOSH!.......It's a proven fact that people who study music get a higher-.....get higher reading scores, okay..." ~ZAC~ "See, that is weird...." ~TAY~ "Ha ha ha ha ha ha...." (pointing to Isaac) ~IKE~ "Well at least I got farther than when!" (This is the funniest by us at least.....really.....well I guess you'd have to see Story-Tellers to see how funny it is.....)

~ZAC~ "We were at this place...." (singing....) (haha, we love that one, too.)

~TAY~ "Does anyone here ever write songs or think of lyrics?" (2 people raise their hands) "Okay...... hey, there's a couple" ~ZAC~ "There's a few..." ~IKE~ "Any musicians?" ~TAY~ "Any Musicians, any one play instruments?" (a lot of people raise their hands.) ~ZAC~ "A lot more!" hahahaha

~TAYLOR~ "Yeah, and if you get a fan coming over for an autograph and you tell them you've got a girlfriend they'd be like, 'Oh, bummer!'"

~ZAC~ "Whenever we go we always make time for fun stuff, especially if there's a Segaworld nearby."

~TAYLOR~ "We definitely find time to write songs. Being musicians we make time. It's what we do."

~ISAAC~ "We try and get on the internet and check out sites about us. We read all the messages left for us. It's hard when we're travelling, but when we get the chance it's a lot of fun. We have a big input into what's on our site. We hope we do some cool stuff on it."

~ZAC~ "Travelling is great. It's been ages since we've been home. Yeah, it's nice to go home but I might never get the chance to see the rest of the world again so I can't be too sad. I'll keep travelling while I can."

~ISAAC~ "Pocket money isnt really what's on our minds, though. We don't worry about the money, we just do what we do. We're happy doing what we want - making music."

~ZAC~ "No, you have to find a target... You gotta find a sign that says 'Squirt Me!'" (Milwaukee Concert)

~ISAAC~ "Sit right there, cause I'm coming to you baby." (Sent in by Natalie; from Oprah.)

~TAYLOR~ "All you need is Jennifer Aniston and some jellybeans." (Sent in by "MMMBop"; from "An interview.")

~TAYLOR~ "No. I'm not a girl and no, I won't pull down my pants to prove it." (Sent in by Heather & Traci; from "*Hanson Crazy!*")

~TAYLOR~ "Okay, who said 'I Love You Zac'?" (Sent in by Brandi; from Hartford, CT Concert.)

~ZAC~ "You love me, you really love me!" (Sent in by Tammi; from the MTV Europe Music Awards-1997)

~ZAC~ "They aren't like nuts, they are more like people (refering to the DJ who called the fans nuts)....Maybe Walnuts." (Sent in by Amanda; from when they came to Detroit radio stations last November)

~IKE~ "If you went up to a girl and said, 'Hey, baby your name must be Gillette cause you're the best a man can get...' she'd slap you and say, 'Buh-bye, loser.'" (Sent in be Claudia; from ?)

~TAYLOR~ "Yeah, Zac was dropped on his head as a baby." (Sent in by Allison; from ?)

~TAYLOR~ "Well, yeah everybody sings in the shower, I guess." (Sent in by Elizabeth; from MTV Live)

~TAYLOR~ "If a guy is picking on a cute girl, I'm a fighter..." (Sent in by "Tay's girl 2001"; from ?)

~ZAC~ "Success smells like your armpit." (Sent in by Melissa; from Smash Hits Australia)

~ZAC~ "SAVE A TREE EAT A BEAVER." (Sent in by Amber; from ?)

~TAYLOR~ "I used to love tomatoes and would go around chanting 'tomato head, tomato head,' atpeople. If I saw a really large person I would shout 'Big tomato man!'(Sent in by Cassia; from 'an interview')

~ZAC~ "Life should be like toilet paper, long and usful..." (Sent in by Jordan; from ?)

~ZAC~ "Oh, that's when we were just a bunch of kids." (Sent in by Amanda; from The 1998 Video Music Awards)

~ZAC~ "I am the curtain, leave me alone." (Sent in by Ashley; from ?)

~ZAC~ "Guys, go home. Don't you have school?" (Sent in bt Ashley; from ?)

***Quotes from Tulsa Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere***

~TAY~ "Here we are at the Beacon-the night before the show."

~TAY~ "Tulsa's always home. It's were our family is, it's were our friends are and it's always gonna be home."

~IKE~ "The funny thing is, when you're recording, sometimes mistakes end up being the coolest things."

~TAY~ (To fans) "You guys are crazy!"

~IKE~ "Ladies and gentlemen-Zac Hanson!"

~TAY~ "Mona LIIIIIII-sa!"

~TAY~ "Berlin!"

~TAY~ "It was kind of- it was- it was all kinds of- it was really broken down." (talking about the white room scene in the "Where's the Love" video)

~TAY~ "Along the line of creation, everthing evolves."

~IKE~ "The press was goin- the press people were turning around goin 'What's the deal, there are kids standing on my shoulders now.'"

~ZAC~ "And it gets in your head and- NUIGH! NUI-UGH!" (Whatever that means.. but it's one of our favs!)

~IKE~ "I would say that the harmony is most likely the base of our music style..."

~ZAC~ "Well,it's most likely the base because we started out... harmonizing!"

~IKE~ "Or it's different you may say."

~TAY~ (Talking about their voices when they were accapella) "We learned to use that as our only weapon."

~ZAC~ "Our weapon! DUN-DUH-DUN-DAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

~IKE~ "We're about ready to touch a wombat-yes..."

~ZAC~ "They won't bite you, but they're the snakes that when they get really big-they'll get huge- they'll ckoke you THEN they'll eat you."

~TAY~ "Here I am checking out some spring rolls. They're making them for me." (He's checking out spring rolls while everyone ELSE is checking out HIM.)

~ZAC~ "We're on our way to...... the monkey forest. The lady at the hotel told us to watch our wallets. Cuz they'll swipe em." ~WALKER~ "Who'll swipe em?" ~ZAC~ "The monkeys." ~WALKER~ "Oooooh."

~TAY~ "Here at a Hanson concert there's no rules. The only rule is you cannot stand still. You have to have fun, you have to go crazy, and you can't be here if you're not having fun so let's go."

~ZAC~ "Hello, this is Zac. We're still editing the video. And I'm in the other room hiding. Making sure no one sees me. Okay? cool. So you wanna see something do ya? You wanna see something?

~IKE~ "Welcome to Hanson does stupid stuff on video."

~IKE~ "I'm about to launch myself 150 feet in the air. I FEEL QUEASY!"

~ZAC~ "Welcome to Hanson does stupid stuff part two."

~TAY~ "We're about to do the most insane thing we've ever done. We're about to try to fly.

~TAY~ "That was absolutely..... insane."

~ZAC~ "I feel so loved!"

~TAY~ "Yellow is in...yellow is in..."

~IKE~ "Look what you did to his shirt! I mean, COME ON, people that's cruel."

~IKE~ "I mean these are killer fish...." ~TAY~ "They almost ripped my body half apart!" ~IKE~ "They killed my family!"

~TAY~ "It's really, really fun for us- We have a t-, It's so much fun."

~TAY~ "Who knows, someday we may not have crowds like that. You have to appreciate the craziness."

********************************************************************** "The Redwood Documentary"

~IKE~ "Hello, my name is Joe. And I will be your tour guide for today."

~IKE~ "This is a young cavedweller. He is running back and fourth beating trees." (about Mackenzie) "Here is the older cavedweller." ~ZAC~ "INUIGH!" ~IKE~ "He's the retarted one."

~IKE~ "Oh man, it gives you a crick in the neck just video-taping it, doesn't it? Very very scary..."

~ZAC~ "Come see Grandpa Redwood...." ~IKE~ "We will come see Grandpa Redwood very very soon. This is Grandpa Redwood. Grandpa Redwood is very big. Oh mama! Go down Grandpa Redwood to his roots. Very very scary."

~ZAC~ "Lot's and lot's of trees.... together.... equal BIG TREES!"

~ZAC~ "Uh, I'm Joe. I got a camera. It's cool. Okay."

~IKE~ " the far distance... is a fallen redwood."

~ZAC~ "Did you know the roots of a redwood only go down 3 feet but they spread out at least 150 feet. Did you know that redwoods live to be how many-" ~TAY~ "3000 years. 3000 years." ~ZAC~ "3000 years. That's a pretty old guy!"

~IKE~ "Thank you for watching the Billy Bob tour of the Billy Bob sequoias. Thank you very much. Bye-Bye. Billy Bob." (Okay, Isaac, so when did Joe change to Billy Bob, and when did the Redwoods change to Sequoias?)


~IKE~ "Oh man, there was this guy, and he was like... 'Supa, that's Supa!'" (about photographers)

~TAY~ (also about photographers) "They'll go, 'Act natural, have fun, but.... do this.' You know?" ~ZAC~ "Scream, but be natural." ~IKE~ "Pose, go like this," (puts his hands up to his face) "But, be natural."

~WALKER~ "Get your earplugs and let's boogy."

~ZAC~ "I'm not late, you guys are later than me!" ~TAY~ "Zac, quit yelling."

~ZAC~ (about doing radio in other languages) "You have to think really hard you have to say, 'I was going to say, what was I going to say?'" ~TAY~ "It's one of those things you have to kind of- Lot's of concentration, MMMMMMMMM Concentrate. ~ZAC~ "Ooouuummmmmmm......"

~IKE~ "Hello, and welcome to Hanson's tour of London..... to my- ~WALKER~ "Okay, that was nice."

~ZAC~ "Do I know you?"

~TAY~ "No, this is Secrets and Lies.... 'What do you reckon, you'll be doin...five years from now?'" ~IKE~ (about Tay) "That's actually really good."

~TAY~ "And now for the money part, the fun part!"

~IKE~ "Hello, and welcome to Hanson photo shoot number.... three. Or actually, it's number two, but-" ~TAY~ "Number four." ~IKE~ "Whatever!"

~ZAC~ "I'm a dancin Hanson!"

~TAY~ "We were like, 'Oh, maybe they're here to see us, just totally joking.'"

~IKE~ "They were like, 'Oh my gosh, we have a situation.'"

~TAY~ "And as if the screaming wasn't loud enough, the guy goes, 'Do you know who these guys are?' and we're just kind of like, 'Don't!' And it was just...swelled..."

~TAY~ "Here we are at the Beacon-the night before the show."

~ZAC~ "Ike got through fine... and then Tay went after..and somehow.. I got left in it...and it was ...everyone's closing in and then someone goes by and grabs me."

~IKE~ "We started writing MMMBop not knowing we were writing MMMBop..."

~ZAC~ "It's just, you're in awe,you're...woah."

~IKE~ "Somebody smack me really hard, really quick!"

~IKE~ "Okay, guys, it's on the radio in France, IN FRANCE, HOA-HOA!" (about MMMBop)

~IKE~ "Hello, and welcome to the Eiffle Tower."

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