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.the albertane tour.

Well, the Albertane Tour (aka the "Energizer Tour." It keeps going and going and going...) is now over, and Hanson is heading back to the studios. Their new album should surface sometime in '99 (most likely summer). Isaac says, "There will be differences in the record because there are different songs on it."

*Hanson's tour video, The Road to Albertane and live album, Live From Albertane with footage from the Albertane Tour are now out! On the video, each song is clipped together from different performances along the tour. The album was recorded live in Seattle. (Producer- Hanson and Elliot Shiner)

If you saw Hanson in concert, send us your reviews: And while you're at it, why not email hanson and tell them what a great job they've done. :)

We saw the awesome shows in Milwaukee and Chicago! Go here for the pictures.

For extensive tour coverage (wavs, streaming videos, pictures, etc.) go to Hansonline.

Also, for tour reviews, go to =Our Review Page=.

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