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=tour pictures=

We made this for Hanson (taken before Milwaukee):

It took a month! :) And before the Chicago show, we wrote on the back and gave it to a guy up at the stage who was taking things to give to them from the fans. (Hopefully they have it now...)

=we painted the trailer for milwaukee=

(you should have seen some of the strange looks that we got from people driving behind us... But the best was when a carload of guys started screaming, "Yeah! Hanson rules!!! WOOHOO! Hanson ROCKS!" hehe)

The following pictures were taken by us at the Chicago and Milwaukee shows. Some of them are a little blurry because we had to use a digital camera. (In other words take pictures OF the normal pictures instead of scanning.) But they're not bad.

=marcus ampitheater (milwaukee)=

=new world music theater (chicago)=

For the Chicago show, we had box seats:

For the Milwaukee show we had regular seats:

So, the pictures taken from above are from Chicago, and the others are from Milwaukee.

=this is one from milwukee=

=another from milwaukee=

=milwaukee- look closely it is taylor (grey) and zac (red) throwing their water bottles into the audience=

=This is from chicago (kinda dark)=

=another from milwaukee- isaac's playing the keyboard on stage by himself (more than anything)

=milwaukee- some cool lighting=

=chicago- taylor throwing water on the audience=

=chicago- all three are getting the crowd wet=

=chicago- all three are just walking on the stage=

=chicago- zac is getting the fans really good with his squirt gun=

=another from chicago=

=another milwaukee=

=more from chicago=

=yet more from chicago=

=chicago during mmmbop=

=chicago still during mmmbop=

=still chicago=

=milwaukee during the acousic portion=

=chicago- taylor is throwing water=

=another one from milwaukee=

=more milwaukee=

=even more milwaukee=

=milwaukee again=

=you guessed it - milwaukee=

=what do you know its milwaukee=

Okay, Misty's Mom works at a place called "Illinois Transport" which is located right by the Hilton. The morning of the Chicago concert, the tour busses were parked there. Well, by the time we got word and Misty got down there, there was only one left. (Hanson takes 2 so they can transport their whole family, we assume) So she peeked in the windows, (she had to look really hard at first because they're VERY tinted, especially during the day, but when her eyes adjusted, she saw a HUGE Hanson symbol hanging in the back of the bus. She took a video of it (even though it's not very clear, but we can see it!), and she got a few pictures.

=first picture of the bus=

=second picture of the bus=

For Milwaukee, we were spending the night in a trailer in the parking lot, so we waited outside to see them leave. Then, from outside, first we saw them in a room in the ampitheater walking around, (the window was open and the lights were one) then they changed rooms again but this one had blinds. We could see their shadows, though, because it was dark out and they were in a light room. All three went up to the blinds and peeked out to see the HUGE crowd outside. After they all peeked through the blinds the crowd went WILD! They left the blinds and we made out what was a couch thet they were sitting on. And They all came up and did it again, and again, the crowd went insane... then, when they finally got in the bus and started driving out, we were about 7 or 8 feet away from the bus, and they all went to the front of the bus and were waving at us as they left. (by this time there were only about 20 or 30 people waiting to see them leave).

=bus when they drove out of the milwaukee parking lot=

Anyway, since we had box seats for the Chicago one, we were to go into the V.I.P. entrance and we got to hear them doing soundcheck... (only from outside, we got there early) Then, we finally got to our seats and taped our HUGE sign over the poles (It was a huge cloth sign about 1 and 1/2 yards across, (top) and about 2 yards up and down. It said "Hanson Makes The World Go Round and Round and... Love Liz and Misty") Then a guy came and made us take it down! :( We worked a month on that thing, it was all done in glitter! So, we marched right up to the stage, and a guy was standing there. He gave Hanson our sign for us, (including TONS of other stuff that OTHER people were giving them). So, after the concert (which by the way was AWESOME!!!!!) this time there was a HUGE crowd waiting for them. So then, the workers all tried to tell us that Hanson had been dropped off at the highway where no one was waiting and they were now on their way to their hotel, so we were standing there for no reason. Only a few problems: First of all, the tour busses were still there! Second, they had the crowd formed into 2 sections which could only mean that something had to drive through us. So everyone started chanting "Liars Liars!" It was pretty amusing to see the way they looked when a crowd of about 300 people were chanting 'Liar'. Then, we were standing there for what seemed like forever. So we waited, and waited, and waited. Then, to lift our spirits we started singing MMMBop, and the WHOLE crowd joined in! hehe, that was cool. Then they kept telling us that we were waisting our time, but FINALLY, Hanson's tour busses rolled down the road. They all were at the front of the bus waving through the windows and laughing. (I presume because we all had nothing better to do than to wait outside forever until the bus came) So everyone started chasing the bus! And I MEAN THIS IS A HUGE GROUP OF PEOPLE! They were all still laughing when the people were chasing the bus (I would've been, too, had there been a huge mass of screaming girls chasing a bus which they knew that they had no chance of catching)....

=chicago while the bus is pulling out - look closely you can see Taylor in the front behind the bus driver=


Copyright 1998 Liz Bernstein, Misty Hudek

All Rights Reserved

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