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=amber's review of hershey=

Okay, here's it is! .... And well, we think she was just a tad hyper when she wrote this, but that's okay! :) Amber is 15, You can email her at, and you can go to her page here:

Hey! On August 15th my best Net friend Steph (who is the KEWLEST and most likely oldest~ although a kiddie at heart~ Hanson fan I know~ she is 29~ not THAT old for cryin out loud!!!) went to Hershey to see Hanson! Anyways! She traveled over 11 hrs. in full to see them! She drove 7 hrs to get to my house and 2 hrs. to the concert and 2 hrs. back not to mention the 7 hr. drive home! Making her total WELL over 17 hrs.!!!!! Talk about dedication???

So anyway... we had really CRAPPY seats but hey we could see them quite well with binoculars! And if my BRAINY self woulda figured out how to focus the binoculars in the beginning instead of the MIDDLE of the concert it woulda been kewler too!!!! They sang soooooo many songs and it was MUCH better then the Savage Garden concert I had seen less then a week before... although I was MUCH closer to stage at the S.G. concert! Back to Hanson! Heheheee!! They opened with "So Glad U Made It" (e.n. That's Gimme Some Lovin...) and believe me we WERE glad we made it!!! We barely saw Admiral Twin~ at the concerts start time (8 pm) half the audience was out in the PARKING LOT!?!?!!! Hershey was no where NEAR ready for the flow of ppl~ we had to WALK and leave our driver (a friend of my fathers) in the car to park it! Otherwise we would have NEVER made it! So besides the BUTTING, PUSHING, AND SHOVING to get in.... we made it ok!

Onto the show! They played an Albertane Tour FIRST! Which I was ECSTATIC to hear! It was a song by Cream... something about Sunshine~ you couldn't hear the title... they said "Here is a song by Cream, we never performed this on the Albertane tour, itz a FIRST!!!" And then he said the title but it was TOO LATE! The fans, including myself were ROARING! Anyways! To make a song list!! This is gonna be hard cuz it is sooo hard to remember the titles ya couldn't hear!!! Ok I will start with the "oldies" I remember~ They played "Gimme Some Luvin" that song by Cream, they also sang "Money" and "Shake Your Tailfeather" and for their last song they sang "SummerTime Blues" and got the crowd involved~ our job was the "Ain't no cure for the summertime blues" part... WHOO HOO!!!

Off of 3 Car Garage there was naturally "River"! And then I died cuz they sang my ALL-TIME fave 3 Car Garage song~ Stories! I love that song then~ and NOW! And also from the 3CG alblum or the MmmBop alblum~ was "Soldier" also sounding quite different from THEN!

Ok and now onto "those 3". The three songs that made it from MmmBop the alblum... to Middle of Nowhere and STILL got included on 3 Car Garage! Yes U all know which 3 songs I speak of! Naturally "Thinking of You" (ya all know that Zac solo part~ where he sing "Fly with the wings of an EAGLE no matter..." yada yada yada~ that sent me into a scream that topped all~ Heheheee!! My BAD!!!) and NATURALLY their debut smash "MmmBop" which totally rocked~ MmmBop ba duba dop... ok sorry I am done!! =0) And lastly *sob* "With You In Your Dreamz" Thats sooooo sad! But they did dedicate it to their grandmother on-stage and I was near tears, too!!! Shh don't tell Steph~ oh Hi there Stephie!! =) *laffs nervously*

And lastly off of Middle of Nowhere!! These were the songs that I can REMEMBER! LoL! But Hey I remembered 3CG well!!!! Anyways! They sang "Weird" which is a PERSONAL fave! And also "Speechless", "Where's the Love", & "Look at You". Not to mention singing "Minute Without You" and dedicating it to those in the bleachers!! AKA Steph and I!!! We went WILD with the banner thang! Lastly they sang "Madeline"... ok I lied~ I didn't forget it but I had to say it last... probably MY fave song from the concert "Man From Milwaukee"!!!!!!!!!!! I would say it was Steph's too... but we are getting to her fave!! =))))

In a lot of reviews they say Tayles played drums and all... well he DID at our show but only for a few seconds while Zac indulged in silly stringing his ADORING fans!!! I wish I woulda been there!!!!!!! But then Ike however got up on stage all by himself, and played the keyboard (Actually TAY'S key-board) and sang.... this is the part that Steph was excited about~ a personal fave of hers BEFORE that night and I can imagine what that song ranks NOW... "More than Anything" and 'more than anything' I would LOVE to see the Ikester do that over! I thought it was the kewlest the way he sang and played all by himself!!!

As for costume~ or wadrobe WHATEVER!!!!! Ikey poos (e.n. IKEY POOS? uh....okay...) had on a white t-shirt with a button up navy blue one on top and I think he had some jeans on??!? I dunno the only pants I payed attention to were Zac's niftay plastic yellow ones~ WHOO HOO! He had a maroon shirt to go with them. And lastly Tayles~ he had on black jeans or pants~ darker colored 4 sure! And a gray t-shirt. He must enjoy jumpin up and down behind that key-board no matter how hot cuz he did it the WHOLE show!!! WHOO HOO!!!

Ok and lastly~ the "antics" of the night!!! ZAC AND HIS SUPER-SOAKER!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!! Well first let's re-cap for a sec. well not RE-CAP but I forgot to mention the first time they "LEFT"! LoL! Well we chanted HANSON HANSON (etc...) and they come back out like "I guess they want us to do a few more!" So they did!! WHOO HOO! And then before the last song "Summer Time Blues" they sang a bit of "Weird" A CAPELLA as a "present" for us!! AWWWIEEEE!!! So back to the nights antics!!! Zac and Tayles had super-soakers~ I don't remember Ike with one of them! But they also had bottled water! AND... WATER BALLOONS!!!!! And correct me if I am wrong but I think Zac's face lit up as he pelted fan after fan with nice water balloons!!! LoL! And so did Tayles and Ike's!! I think they ENJOY soaking their fans!!!

Well though it seems SHORT to me in writing I guess that is all! I could write a book on that night because it was the most magical night of my life! I finally got to meet my BESTEST friend I never knew~ Mrs. Steph Newman.... and put a best friend together with Hanson and u have all u could want from life! Even if it was only for that one special night~ I was the girl who had everything!!!!!!! Taynx a bunch for reading all this!

Urs truely, Amber *HansonLuver* Moyer

Note to reader: After the concert I could hardly talk cuz I had screamed sooo much! LoL!! But it was a WILD night to remember!!!!!


Uhhhhhh... hehe, Everyone just smile and nod... :)

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