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=michelle's review from charlotte=

Michelle sent this in. You can email her at (She's sending in her picture of herself and Hanson soon, and when she does, you can see this at =meeting hanson on "77th street"=, also.)

"I Met Hanson In Charlotte"

Marina and I stood in line for about a minute then Walker came out of the room. Marina said, "Can we shake your hand?" and then I said "Yeah, can we shake your hand?" Walker laughed and said "That's not necessary." He left and went into some other room. We could hear either Isaac or Zac saying in some strange voice, "Yeah, weíve known each other for twenty years" and then girls laughing. Then two minutes later we went into the room where Hanson was doing their meet-and-greet. We walked in and they turned around when we came in. It was just Marina, two other girls, and me. Theyíre all really tan. Zac was on the left then Taylor and on the right was Isaac. I shook Zacís hand and said "Itís nice to meet you", then I shook Taylor's and then Isaacís hands and said the same thing. They both said "Nice to meet you." Then Zac walked to where Isaac was and I said, "Did you guys e-mail me cause I got e-mail from". He laughed at this. Then the photographer said we had to get in a group for the picture. I stood beside Taylor (who looks really different in person and is TALL) and put my arm around his shoulders. Then he put his arm either around my shoulders or waist, I canít remember. Then the photographer took two pictures. Taylor said something which I canít remember (I think it was something like, "Donít freak out guys") but I do remember it was funny and I was laughing while the guy took the pictures. Then I shook Taylorís hand and said "I went to your Washington DC concert and you guys were really good." He smiled and said "Thanks." Then I shook Isaacís hand and said "Nice to meet you again." He said "Nice to meet you." Then Taylor took off Marinaís necklace and that gave me the idea to give him my ring so after she gave him her choker I said "Oh, take my ring too." He smiled and laughed. Then I shook Zacís hand and said "Nice to meet you." He smiled and laughed. Then we left. During the concert either Isaac or Taylor said "We wanna say hey to the people we met backstage before the concert!"


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