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=elisanna's review=

Ok me and my sister and my mom arrived at jones beach at about 5:30 pm. I wanted to get there really early so that there would be stuck in traffic like at the penn concert!

Me and my sis got on line to wait to get inside for about a half an hour. While we were waiting we talked with some girls and my friends who had already been to two and three hanson concerts.

Then finally we were let in. Which was when me and my sis bought some pins and the tour program since we didn't by anytihng at the last concert. Then we headed to our seats which were a lot closer than i thought that they would be! When we got to our seats me and my sister looked at one another and said OH MY GOD we are soooooooooo close it was a dream really unbelievable!

We were at our seats for a few mins when we heard these girls screaming on the other side of the staduim! So being like every hanson fan is we went over to check it out. We waited a few mins then we saw Taylor and he was smiling with this look on his face like i know there going to scream... Which of course we did! Then this guy came over and he's like you got to go back to your seats! So we did.

There was this little crack in the stage that you could see really well inside of. I was able to see Walker who was siting there for like 20 mins before the concert- i don't know what he was doing. I also saw Taylor going back and fourth like for times! Then everyone started geting restless because they really wanted hanson...

Just then the lights went out and Admiral Twin came out! Every one was really pumped they were screaming and dancing basiclly have a great time! But as soon as they said this was there last song everyone was up and screaming like hanson was to appear that moment! Then we waited about a half an hour more 15 mins before hanson came out we got to see to DJ's from NY local radio station Z100 who said hanson was coming out in a few and then they left.

They after that it was the big moment when hanson was to appear. Everyone was screaming as soon as they heard the framilar sound of Gimme Some Lovin! Which is a song i really love! And they went on into thinking of you where's the love and so on...

Ok now the best part of this concert for me was when they were squritng the crowd with water! I then got a really close look at them and i was able to make eye contact with each one of them and after words i was like did our eyes just meet? it was soooooooo cool! When Zac came over to our side he had no more water left so he just stood there and watched the girls scream. Taylor came over to our side and he was shaking people hands and i was wacthing his hand soooo closely move over the crowd just thinking how cool it would to be me and then he did the unexpected! Some girls asked him to come over and he's like no and then he did! I was sooooooooo close to touching that boys hand! I also made eye contact with ike from across the stage and it was really cool because i was like oh my god he saw me... Oh i almost forgot I saw Zoe and she is the cutest little thing! I also saw there Dad who walked right past me during the concert. I almost went after him wanting to know if it was really him but i know it was! They ended with Summertime blues which was really sad for me because school had already started and there was no more summer... Well that's about it.


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