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*MTV News Review*

(MTV News asks Marilyn Manson, Puff Daddy, Fiona Apple, and Jay Kay of Jamiroqaui about Hanson...)

SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS: I think Hanson's going to be around for a long time. I think that they're three great, talented young men.

FIONA APPLE: I really think their stuff is cheesy now, but I think that's just because they're young.

MARILYN MANSON: I think that they're the tools of the devil. I think there's some devious person pulling their strings. I'm very scared of those boys. ((now, are we the only people that see something wrong here?))

FIONA: I think that they seem like they really love music, which means that they'll stick with it. I think that Hanson could probably be really good in a few years, actually.

JAY KAY, Jamiroqaui: Those guys can sing, they can play good songs, they've got personality. They're brilliant!

MARILYN: I don't think there should be any smiling in rock n' roll. If you smile while you're playing your instrument, I think it should be taken from you and smashed.

MTV: Do you have any theories as to why it was so successful this year? "Fun music," it was sometimes referred to.

MARILYN: I guess people wanted to have fun. I don't like fun. Fun upsets me.

PUFFY: I think the majority of people out there were feeling like they just wanted to have a good time. There is so much stress, there is so much going on, life is so short!

FIONA: The world is kind of owning up to the fact that they really dig the stupid crap.

-From the MTV archives