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This story is by one of our "cyber" buddies, Nicole. SHE wrote this, SHE met Hanson, and SHE is in the picture. PLEASE don't think that it is us! The picture only says "Me" on it, because we got it after she scanned it. Read this, it's very interesting! Thanks, Nicole. To go to Nicole's website, click here:

E-mail Nicole at

Her story starts here:

JULY 4,5 1998

My "review" is going to be part story, part review. I want to be able to remember everything that happened in the time that I was in Atlanta. If you do not want to hear about the tour bus, or the press conference, or backstage, skip right on over it. It is broken into 4 parts:


SATURDAY - The Tour Bus

SUNDAY - The Press Conference

SUNDAY - Backstage

SUNDAY - The Concert


SATURDAY - The Tour Bus

After watching fireworks from Maggiano's (restaurant), my tired and weary clan decided to head back to the hotel. It was Saturday evening at about 11:30 pm; my concert group that I had brought over from Birmingham, Alabama: Ashley, Brittney, and Danelle, Brittney's mom, and my mom, went down to Planet Hollywood on Peachtree because we had just gotten a call from a guy we know that is into promotion about Hanson doing a press conference at around 1 or 2 pm the next day there. We decided to go check out the details. When we got to Planet Hollywood, the manager greeted us and told us the conference was supposed to be on Sunday, the 5th, from 1:00-1:15 pm. We went ahead and made reservations to eat so that way we knew we would be able to get inside, since we knew that everyone that waited in line on Sunday would not be getting in. He started talking to my mom and asked where we were staying, and she, in an effort to make conversation, asked if he knew where Hanson was staying. He looked down at me and Brittney, and said, "I don't know, but my best guess would be the Westin or the Ritz." (Both of which were right next to Planet Hollywood). Us girls decided to go stand out on the street because it was getting a little stuffy inside.

When my mom came out, she surprised us by saying, "Let's go to the Ritz." We had planned on staying out really late and shopping and just hanging out downtown. So we did as she commanded, she said we could sit in the hotel lobby. (Hint: The Planet Hollywood guy told her which of the two hotels Hanson was going to be at. He just didn't want us girls to know hehe...) As we crossed the street, I casually looked back at the road that goes alongside Planet Hollywood...a pretty deserted and empty alley at midnight.

And there it was - - The infamous blue bus I had heard about on the internet. The one with a window for the driver and a small window in the back. We all exchanged glances and realized we had to ignore it. We picked up the pace and walked up onto the side walk that runs alongside the Ritz-Carlton. There was a small gathering of girls, no more than 15 or 20. Most of them were younger than me, maybe 10-12 years old. There were a couple adults and older teens there as well. Most had out cameras, some were holding CDs with Sharpies for the boys to sign when they got off the bus. I got to talking with one girl who was 17 I think. She said most of the girls had been sitting out and waiting for Hanson to return from whatever they had been doing all day, and most recently, watching fireworks at the Hyatt (they had the whole top floor reserved) in Buckhead since the early afternoon. The bus slowed to a halt and the doors opened. The security guards started piling out. I knew even if Hanson did come out, I wouldn't get much more than a glimpse of them. My mom stayed near the front of the bus with all of the teenies, and me, Brittney, and Ashley went around to the back of the bus where the lone window was. Isaac's profile was very distinct through the screen in the window. We waved (mind you, I heard no shrieks or screams. Most of the girls were in awe to be so near Hanson that they stood their dumb-founded and waved their little hearts out). As far as I can tell, Isaac didn't even pretend to see us. He looked straight ahead, and then slouched back out of our view. Near the front of the bus, girls were starting to get the photo-ops...some were touching the bus and getting their friends to take pictures. Some were just standing there and trying to touch a security guard in the hopes that one day that touch may reach Hanson. Then, after waiting for about 15 minutes, the bus pulled off. There were about 5 or 6 that ran after it. One of the little girls that went after it got about halfway down the abandoned alley and realized how dangerous where she was actually could have been, screamed, and ran all the way back up to the front of the hotel. Anyone who chased after that bus was probably asking to be shot. Just back behind the gorgeous Ritz was a herd of homeless people. Which is probably why I held my ground, even at such excitement.

We hung around for a bit longer, maybe 30 minutes. We were talking to some of the girls that were waiting around. Most were guests at the hotel. One said she had run into Isaac on the elevator. Another told of how she saw Hanson coming into Atlanta late Friday night from her hotel window. It got boring waiting around for nothing to come. An guy who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties said he was going to walk around the block and see if there was another entrance they might have gone through just so he could tell all the little girls to go back home. I figured it was a worthy cause *snicker* and so my group of 4 and he took a stroll. Several limos passed us. Only one black-stretch limo with a guy driving it that had on a Hanson T-shirt though. Which I thought was weird. We just stopped and watched it pass by. We waved in the off-chance that THEY could have been in there. But we kept walking around. Sure enough, a minute later, the limo drove by the group of teenies still waiting in desperation for the bus to return, and a little roar went up from the crowd. But the limo didn't stop, it went around the hotel, emptied the Hanson's into another limo, and the old limo was used as a decoy. Yes, we pretty much witnessed this happening. I figured if they were going to that much trouble, why bother them? So we came up around the back of the hotel and found the "back entrance" that the guys must have used. Across the street, there was the blue tour bus parked all the way up against a wall so that no one could see it. I figured that was a photo-op since no one was in it. It was just me and my friends. So we took a couple of pictures to remember the late night out by. And we retreated to our rooms. I was content just having seen the bus....


SUNDAY - The Press Conference

We woke up early the next morning and at 10 am there was already a line a block long in front of Planet Hollywood waiting for the Hanson press conference that was to start at 1 pm. A huge banner reading WELCOMES HANSON was being hung under the Planet Hollywood sign. After snapping a few pictures, we made our way to the end of the line, ignoring the glares of girls who had been sitting out there all night, who thought we were trying to break in line. But we eventually found the end of the line, and we thought in despair that we were too far back to get in. The Planet Hollywood store manager came out and announced that the first 270 people in line would be able to get into the restaurant. Monitors would be set up all over the restaurant to accommodate those who would not be able to see Hanson. I wondered if waiting in line for 3 hours was worth watching a monitor for. It was hot, and the girls were chanting and singing. I decided we would wait...what did we have to lose besides several pounds of perspiration? =) People were shouting out the number of people in their party in hopes of getting in to be seated. Doors opened at 11 am and frantic cries of "6!" and "WE ONLY HAVE 2!" could be heard echoing through the line. My group *calmly* walked up to the guy in charge of seating and said "Do you have a table for 6?" He led us right in past the girls who had been sitting there all morning. We were the enemies. Muhahaha!

He said he didn't have any tables on the bottom floor. Oh well. He led us up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Our booth was all ready. We were greeted by renditions of "Mmmbop" and "Madeline" that no one should ever be forced to hear. A guy from the Atlanta Journal bumped into me. What is he doing up here? I wondered. We started talking with our waiter and he informed us Hanson was upstairs eating lunch and would be down on our floor shortly for the press conference. (Heaven here I come) ::flump flump::: "What, they are going to be down HERE!?" And so we looked around, found the press conference table that was in a small adjoining room next to the elevator, and moved our seats within about 30 or 35 feet of the room. So the wait began. We couldn't eat. The excitement about the concert and Hanson being above us was too much. We waited for about 2 and a half to 3 hours.

Finally, Hanson music started blaring over the intercom. The elevator doors to my left opened shortly afterwards to reveal Isaac, Taylor, Zac, several guys from the press, and a few security guys. We were ecstatic. Cheering on the 2nd floor was out of control. Isaac turned and waved, and Zac and Taylor made their way over to the microphones. The concert that was originally supposed to begin at 1 pm had been delayed and was at last getting started at 2:50 pm. Hanson answered the girlfriend questions, the how did you get your name questions, the are you doing movies questions. The "why did you release 3CG" questions, and the "Why didn't you release a new album?" question. Taylor pretty much said they needed to get out and play, he said releasing "Boomerang" was pretty much not going to happen, and he said that after the tour they hope to take off for 2 or 3 weeks and start recording a new album in Tulsa due out by the Summer of 1999. That is about all they really had to say. The most unbearable part is that there was a guy from the restaurant that told us we were not allowed to cheer or clap or mutter a word during the press conference. When Isaac said something about how he wanted to thank all the fans for buying the record, we finally got the "scream" wave, and we went crazy, much to the amusement of Zac it seemed. The press conference ran over its original 15 minute slot into about a 45 minute deal. When Hanson was about to go back into the elevator my friends and I went over to the balcony that goes downstairs where we could get a perfect view of the door to the elevator. We waved and shouted, with not much more than a glance from Taylor. Most of the girls took off down the stairs in an effort to catch Hanson getting back on their tour bus which was parked right outside the side entrance. I think there are a few girls that did see them and probably pulled off some fuzzy, blurred pictures. We didn't really care, it was about time for us to be heading to the amphitheatre. We strolled down just to see the madness taking place in front of the bus. I got a picture outside of the bus touching it (why, I do not know....just had an urge) and we left.


SUNDAY - Backstage

We were suppposed to meet our friend (aka the "connection") at 5 pm at the Coors Pavilion inside the amphitheatre. It was only about 4 pm when we arrived, so we headed over to the merchandise table set up in the line outside the gates. I got the big poster for $15 (is Tay sticking out in the picture?), the Albertane Tour shirt for like a rip-off $35 if I remember correctly, and the program for $25. We headed back to the Hanson Mobile, decorated with shoe polish, and dumped off all of our new things so we wouldn't risk getting them torn up during the concert. We went and sat to the right of the gate in a shady spot in the grass. Girls were clawing at the gate because apparently Mrs. Hanson and her children were running around inside the gate. Which is when I went over and grabbed a girls' camera right after she got a picture of poor, darling Zoe, and tossed it past the prickly bushes and over the gate. A look of terror washed over her face and she jumped off the ledge and took off. After flashing an evil grin, I returned to the shady spot I had come from. (muhaha) We got something to drink, and at last, the gates started opening. We walked over to the lines and began making the slow, sweaty voyage to the gate of the Lakewood Amphitheatre. I had brought my backpack (which my ticket said was subject to inspection). A camera, a CD, a sharpie, a T-shirt, and my gifts for Hanson were in there. The guy in front of me got caught with his camera and his batteries were taken out of the camera. I walked right on through. I felt with the backpack I would for sure be searched. A girl going through the gate next to mine got frisked and had to give up her camera. There were too many people to search through. It was just luck of the draw I guess. Anyways, I did get through with my camera. I didn't really plan on taking pictures during the concert. I was more intent on capturing my moments backstage on film.

We headed over to the Coors pavilion, and there was our little angel. He told us it would be no problem to get the four girls backstage, but the moms wouldn't be allowed to come. I wondered who was going to take pictures for me, but decided not to worry about it. As we got thrown into a little group of about 14 or 15 other girls milling around near the backstage fence door, we started getting noticed. Girls started piling around us asking us what we were doing. Then a security guy said we would have to leave the gifts we had brought for Hanson at the door to backstage. I knew I could never get the black box with the picture I had stitched for Hanson in, so I left it at the door as I was instructed to do. The choker on the other hand...I pulled it out of its blue velvet bag that I had been storing it in ever since I had known about this concert. I stuffed it into my pocket, and walked though the door.

Backstage is not what I pictured. I pictured a big room, air-conditioned, indoors. Backstage was a tall wooden fence like you would have in your backyard. It went all the way around a perimeter of about 100 feet or so. There was a small building/hut-type thing with blinds pulled down over the big windows. There was a small grassy spot which is where, we had been informed, Hanson would be coming out to take pictures with us. My group of 8 would be the last group to meet-n-greet Hanson. We get rounded up and placed in a corner of the fence. Moments later, Hanson was walking right towards us. They had come from a long aisle/walkway type thing that must have begun on the other side of the little hut. Anyway, we were the first people to see Hanson, and we just kinda stood there. Then the girl I had met that was to be in my group (oh gosh I am sorry I forget your name!) and I, who had been joking about what we would say when we met Hanson, (It was a decision between "Hey, what's up baby!" or "Hey, lookin good boys!") said at the same time "Hey what's up?" and we waved and flashed our *super-kewl* smiles. (yeah right, our tongues were probably hanging out) Nevertheless, I felt good after realizing I had just done a semi-normal thing. Isaac and Zac walked right on by, and Taylor stopped, waved, and walked over to the first group that was to meet them. How do I describe them? They were...perfect. I have come to the conclusion that NONE of them, no matter HOW good of pictures they take, NONE of them are photogenic. They are so vibrant, colorful, full-of-life looking when you are two feet away from them. They are so clear. So different from what you see on TV. I got a feeling like for that split-second that they walked by, the whole world was in oblivion.

We walked out onto the grassy area to watch how the other groups were doing things, so by the time it was our turn, we could have it perfected. The two groups shrieked and cried and made noises that I had never heard before. Oh great, get them in a bad mood before they meet us, I thought....angry at the girls for acting so immature. We got motioned to step closer. One more group...oh boy I thought. The weird thing is, that while I kept expecting it, I never got hot, I never got clammy palms, I never got knots in my stomach, or even nervous at all. I felt very confident about meeting them. It was almost our turn. I felt to make sure the choker for Taylor was still in my pocket. A cameraman that had a shirt on that said CNN walked up to us and said "Do you mind us filiming you?" Do we mind you filming us? this a JOKE? Me, meeting Hanson, on NATIONAL TELEVISION! "That's fine," I replied calmly. =)

It was our turn. We stood there for a second. No one was moving. I didn't want to wait for the Hansons to walk up to US. I didn't want to seem shy or reserved, so I walked right on up to Taylor before anyone else had a chance to move. I extended my hand and said "Hi, it's really nice to meet you." He was looking down at our hands. I stared at him for a second (come on...eye contact boy...we need to see those eyes...) He looked up for a second and smiled. There, that will do. I walked over to Isaac. He got a huge grin on his face. If he has a lazy eye, I didn't notice it. His huge, glowing grin made his eyes twinkle. ::tingle tingle:: "Hey, it's a pleasure" he said to me as he outstretched his hand. "Hi," is all I could think of to say. My friend Brittney walked up to him and said "That was an awesome press conference you did today!" "Thanks," he said. "Yeah," I stated. "We waited in line so long to see you guys, it was the kewlest." And so I had met Isaac. Two down, one to go. But what was this? Time to take the picture? Oh dear...what about Zac over there? After the picture, I decided. They started arranging us for the picture.

This is when I noticed what the three were wearing. Taylor had on black velvet pants with a supa-tight blue lycra-ish shirt and his black Docs. His hair was pulled back in a loose knot and was falling out on both sides. His rattail hang about halfway down his back from what I could tell. Isaac had on black pants with black Docs and a red velour shirt. Very spiffy. =) His hair was down and looked like it was handling the heat well. Did I see mousse? Who knows? Zac was wearing bright blue Adidas pants with white stripes going down the sides and red Docs. He had on a creme-colored shirt with blue and green stripes going down his arm and around his elbow. His hair was also pulled down. Zac is VERY tan. His hair is VERY shiny and the blondest of the three. I think Isaac's hair is more brown now, and Taylor's is a VERY dirty blond. I would put Zac at around 5'5 or 5'6, he couldn't have been much taller than me if he was at all. Taylor was easily 5'10, he may be 6 feet by now. Hard to say. (I forgot the measuring tape, sorry! hehe) Isaac was shorter than I pictured, not much taller than me. I am about 5'4 or 5'5. Isaac couldn't have been anymore than 5'9. Again, as I said before, it was hard to tell. Zac was taller than I pictured him, Taylor was about what I pictured him to be, and Isaac was shorter.

So the guy started getting us lined up to take the picture. I made a beeline for the vacant spot next to Taylor. Isaac eventually walked up behind me and put his arm on my elbow. I brushed up against Taylor's hand and pants several times just for the rush it gave me inside. ::wicked grin:: At one point Taylor had his arm around me, but my friend Brittney (grr) came and stood in front of me and Taylor's arm retreated and placed his hand on her shoulder instead. Oh well. Isaac's breath was behind me and so the lack of Taylor's arm wasn't awful. Zac was over on the other side of Taylor. He got in a small arguement with the professional photographer that was taking the picture about where he would stand. Zac told the guy he would stand wherever he wanted to, and had a disgusted look on his face. That is when they took the first picture. That is the picture that isn't going to be printed, because Zac was not in a position flattering to himself hehe. He was rolling his eyes or something. Fortunately, he straightened up, and two more quick pictures were taken. I do not remember whether Isaac was still touching me in those pictures, or if my arm made it around Taylor for the last two. I just do not know. I was just floating around in my little fantasy and everything else was shut out of my mind. I don't even remember seeing where the CNN guy was. Just a big black microphone being thrust down my throat at one point. (no not literally) Almost over, I thought. And still a gift to deliver and a Hanson to meet. I had better hurry, the security was really intent on letting us spend as little time as possible with Hanson. No autographs or personal cameras were allowed. Oh well, I have a picture with them, what good is an autograph? I tried to comfort myself. Hehe...

By then, the madness on the other side of the fence was krazie. For a minute, a very short minute, I felt like I knew, like I had gotten just a little taste of what it was like to be Hanson. I was literally on their side of the fence, and the girls were screaming at US. They were screaming at ME. They were mad at me. But it felt good. I don't know, maybe because no one had ever really envied me. Or had any jealousy towards me. And then someone from over the fence threw a stuffed animal at me. And a CD came towards my cheek not long after. A bag of jellybeans pounded Taylor in the back right in the middle of the picture.

Anyways, Taylor was standing right next to me at that point and so I figured, its now or never. I pulled out the choker I had made for him. My hands were slightly trembling. ::deep breath:: Okay, that is better... I said, "Taylor, I had this made for you." "Okay, that is cool, thanks!" he replied. ::sigh of relief:: I looked up at him, and smiled. Even though he had already turned his head towards the screaming girls, I just wanted to get one last look at him. "Bye, nice to meet you" he shouted over his shoulder at me. Zac had already made his way over to the screaming, clawing girls trying to jump the fence. They were sticking things through the fence, love letters, who knows what...One girl threw a big cardboard poster over at Zac and it landed in a little puddle-type waterhole thing. He picked it up, looked at it, saw me, and threw it down. He wiped his hands on his nice blue pants (oh Zac don't do THAT!) and stuck out his hand. Zac was really the one who made the best eye contact. His eyes were dark and brown. And they didn't really twinkle. But he made eye contact and just made me feel like he was happy that I was shaking his hand. His shake was also a lot firmer and stronger than the other two. "Hey, its nice to meet you, have fun tonight," I said. "Okay, yeah," he replied. (Or something like that...I needed a recorder or something...)

I looked back at Taylor, he was fiddling with the choker. Really looking at it. Good, I thought. He didn't just drop it in the grass and forget about it. How cool of him. We were hustled out by security. And then, we were suddenly not Nicole, Ashley, Brittney, and Danelle, the 4 girls from Alabama who drove over to see a Hanson concert. We were the stupid, ugly b**ches that had met Hanson. And we had to be escorted almost all the way to the entrance of the actual seating area before the girls stopped trying to attack us. Then, they tried to be nice, asking for us to touch them and things your normal teenies do. The security guy told us to go directly to our seats. And we obeyed. I straightened out my area, Section 102, Row U, Seat 17, with the posters and the water I had just bought and settled into my seat.

If you have met Hanson, please email us with your story and a picture.

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