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*Big Breakfast*

Interviewer: Denise van Outen.

Denise: .......and they are Hansonnnn! Welcome to the Big breakfast. Zac, with out the 'H' not Zach, we've got Taylor and Isaac. How ya doin' guys?

Isaac: we're doin great.

Denise: Are U well?

All: yes.

Denise: Now we didn't have time to mic them up because they've just made it here. So your gonna pass the mic between you aren't you?

Zac: Yes we arreeeeeeee!

Denise: Now your single MMMbop is absolutely brilliant and we love it. And its had lots of airplay and it was shown on the BB loads last week, so much. So lets show everyone how good it is.


Denise: Yea! I just love that and it gets better everytime. Now the song has actually take the world by storm hasn't it? Everyone's listening to it.

All: Uhhhh.. (Ike shakes his head)

Denise: So whats it like to be intenational mega stars? How does it feel?

Taylor: Uh, I dunno, maybe you should ask one.

Isaac: Yeah, maybe U should ask somebody.

Zac: Yeah, oh yeah. You don't feel any different, its just where u are in the charts I guess, its like... (*Tay snatches mic from him*)

Taylor: U know, we're just totally excited. U can't expect, u can't expect #1 so we're totally, we're totally blown away, thats all.

Isaac: Yeah.

Denise: But do people treat you differently now, do u find that?

Isaac: Occasionally people might but you don't get that very much but if you do, you say "please don't" cause its, its not fun.

Zac: Just treat me like a normal person!!

Denise: How can you treat him like a normal person, such a lively personality.

Zac: Thank you!

Denise: You're lovely you are, very cute. So what does MMMbop actually mean? Cause you know in the Spice girls had 'zig a zig ah' and got everybody talking.

Taylor: Its a frame of time, in an mmmbop, like a second or an instant.

Isaac: The song says "in an mmmbop they're gone, in an mmmbop they're not there"

Denise: Right.

Isaac: The song's actually about relationships. It says: "you have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last. You go through all this pain and strife then you turn your back and they're gone so fast". Thats the 1st verse.

Denise: Absolutley brilliant. So it actaully has some meaning behind it. can I just say that you don't need this (the mic). Cause we've got the wonderful Tosh with his big boom.

Zac: 'ello!

Denise: So we can hear you all now. Okay now old were you when you first started making music? Cause I know you're quite young.

Taylor: We were, I guess 6 years ago now- so he (Zac) was 6 years old.

Denise: 6 years old?

Taylor: 6, 9 and 11 (pointing to Zac, himself then Ike) He woulda been when we started.

Zac: Yes! (flicks his hair)

Denise: Yes, now Taylor you've actaully been described yourself as the professional one out of the group.

Zac: Yeah, he's not-

Isaac: Not professional-

Taylor: We just said I was the most perfectionistic out of the group. But we're very perfectionistic.

Zac: like vocal wise, you know...

Denise: So you want to get everything just right?

Zac: Yeah.

Denise: Does he (Tay) give you a hard time?

Zac: Uh, no-

Taylor: We give, I think, really we all give each other a hard time really.

Isaac: When we all get the chance.

Zac: A lot of the time, I give them a hard time.

Taylor: He, he gives a hard time.

Denise: What about Isaac, I heard You're a bit of a romantic.

Isaac: Uh, well-

Denise: Is that true?

Isaac: I'm just more so of the group, I'm kinda the, i'm kinda more like that. I'm just a little bit-

Taylor: Slow ballads.

Denise: Yeah, a bit soppy. Isn't that lovely?

Zac: namely just guitars & stuff..

Denise: Now Zac, I don't believe this, apparantly you've been desribed as the mad one.

Zac: (Mad voice) I'm not mad, I am- weird.

Denise: And you're nickname's animal. Why do they call you animal?

Zac: Because...

Taylor: Animal from the muppets.

Zac: I guess its probably from the muppets, yeah. Muppets.

Denise: My nicknames dennis cause I'm a little menace.

Zac/All: "Uhhh- okay. Ohh, ahh".

Denise: Are the rest of your family as talented as you and as gorgeous as you guys?

Zac: Yeah-

Taylor: Thats kind of an odd question.

Isaac: Uhh-

Denise: Are they involved in music then?

Taylor: The definitly like music, they like music.

Zac: Yeah

Isaac: Yeah they-

Taylor: Our parents are both very musical so we kinda got it from them.

Denise: And what kinda music did they bring you up on? What music did you listen when you were younger?

Taylor: Well most, 50s and 60s rock'n'roll.

Denise: Really?

Taylor: That was the first music.

Isaac: And that was kind of, the funny thing wasn't really what our parents listened to and-

Taylor: That was even before they were-

Isaac: yeah, it was kind of a, kind of a, a fluke accident. We bought a tape from 1958 right before we moved overseas-

Taylor: It was a combination of songs from that time.

Isaac: And we listened to that for a long time and then it just really influenced the music.

Denise: Brilliant. Do U like any recent bands that are actually out at the moment?

Isaac: Oh yeah.

Denise: Who do you listen to?

Isaac: We listen to everybody- Aerosmith, Counting crows, Spin Doctors, Alanis Morrisette. You know, Cardigans-

Taylor: Natalie merchant.

Isaac: All those-

Denise: So quite a wide range actaully.

Isaac: yeah.

Denise: Now are your parents a bit concerened? The fact that you're so young and you've become really famous and everything?

All: No.

Denise: And you've been travelling everywhere as well. Do they worry about you?

Zac: No.

Taylor: The thing is, I mean their, they've always been totally into this, and they've always been, always been- really, really, really supportive so-

Denise: Cause Dad, does dad travel with you?

Taylor: Usually the whole family does-

Denise: Really?

Taylor: This time, this time they stayed home cause we just got back from somewhere so they decided to stay home.

Denise: So you can actaully go wild cause your parents aren't here?

All: uhh... (Tay laughs)

Denise: Cause you, when you were in London before, tell me what happened when you went Rollerblading. You did rollerblading in hyde Park-

Taylor: Yeah-

Denise: And then something happened at the hotel, a little incident.

Taylor: I dunno, it was just that we got sick from doing that. When we did that we got sick cause it was really cold outside.

Isaac: Yeah.

Denise: So you went rollerblading in the hotel lobby?

All: Yeah we-

Zac: Pusshhh! (crashing sound) Oh!

Denise: Uh-oh.

Taylor: "This is a 4 star hotel" (posh english accent)

Denise: Is that what they said? "this is a 4 star hotel"

Isaac: Yes, "this is"- Yeah we were trying to go up to the bar area to do another interview and we were walking, going really slowly, kind of like pulling each other along.

Denise: Very slowly, yeah right. I can't imagine you going slowly Zac.

Isaac: Hey, we're nice people, we're-

Denise: No you are. you are absolutely sweet.

Zac: We are not actually strange, we just act like it.

Denise: Yep, you're just a bit weird thats right Zac. Listen, Thanks for coming to see us. We think your absolutley brilliant. Good luck with the single.

All: Thanks.

Denise: I'm sure you're gonna knock Eternal off the Number one spot.

(Zac burps and says yeah! at the same time.)

Denise: Thanks Zac.

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